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Title Colour washed drawing of the West end of the Chancel North face at the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Moreton Pinkney
Collection The Sir Henry Dryden Collection
Author/Creator Dryden, Henry E L
Date 1863
Description This a more detailed close-up of one feature of the drawing annotated No. 4 by Dryden, however when checking the reference drawing it looks more like view 2.
Id Number Current Accession DR/25/189/125
Location Moreton Pinkney
Location Current Repository Northamptonshire Central Library
Subject Church architecture, Religious buildings, Abbeys, Priories, Structural elements (buildings), Windows, Doorways, Doors, Stone carvings, Carvings, Arcades, Pillars, Columns, Corbels
Object Notes Ink and wash 36cm x 56cm
Scale 0.0527777777777778
Negative Reference MF R22 F489
Rights Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service
Work Type Drawing



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