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Title ...dem Staate in der Vollen Höhe er Zeichnung Geholfen [...Helped the State Achieve the Full Amount of the Subscription]
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist Unknown
Printer J N Vernay, Wien IX
Publisher/Sponsor Anglo-Österreichische Bank
Date 1916
Concept civilian effort, war loans / savings
Description whole: the main text is arranged over the upper half, in red and black, with images and incorporated text positioned across the lower half. All set against a grey-green background.
image: three facsimile war loans forms, supporting the text.
text: Mit rund K17.- bar kann ein Stundungsschein für K 100 Nennwert
Mit rund K170 bar kann ein Stundungsschein für K 1000 Nennwert
gemäss den untenstehenden Muster erworben werden.
Mit so geringer Barauslage wird man Kriegsanleihezeichner und hat doch
dem Staate in der vollen Höhe der Zeichnung geholfen,
da die Bank den ganzen der Zeichnung entsprechenden Betrag bar an die Staatsverwaltung abführt.
Die Ertragsrechnung für den Erwerber von K 1000 Nennwert stellt sich derzeit wie folgt:
5% Zinsen von gestundeten K 750..... K 37.50
Verzinsung der Kriegsanleihe (51/2%)..... '' 55.-
Zinsenüberschuss.... K 17.50
Der 5% ige Belehnungssatz ist bis 30. Juni 1921 gesichert.
[details of War Loan forms and terms and conditions follow]
[With just 17 crowns cash a deferred certificate for a nominal value of 100 crowns can be bought. With just 170 crowns cash a deferred certificate for a nominal value of 1000 crowns can be bought in accordance with the examples below. With such a small cash outlay you become a subscriber to the War Loan and at the same time have helped the State achieve the full amount of the subscription, as the bank allocates the full amount corresponding to the subscription in cash to the government. The calculation of the yield for the buyer of a nominal value of 1000 crowns works out currently as follows: 5% interest on the deferred 750 crowns ..... 37.50 crowns. Interest paid on the War Loan (51/2%)..... 55 crowns. Excess interest... 17.50 crowns. The 5% lending rate is guaranteed until 30 June 1921.]
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 10593
Location Creation Site Austria-Hungary
Measurements Dimensions 1118 mm x 720 mm
Event WW1 Austro-Hungarian Home Front
Related Country Austria AT, Austria-Hungary AH
Text Language German
Rights Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and gain permission for use of the images within this collection. We would be grateful for any information concerning copyright and will withdraw images immediately on copyright holder’s request.
Style Period Period 1914-1918
Work Type poster



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