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Core Record

Title 124 Cartridges for 15 Shillings and Sixpence
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist Unknown
Printer McAra and Whiteman Ltd, London
Publisher/Sponsor National War Savings Committee
Date 6.1916
Concept advertisement, civilian effort, postal services, war loans / savings
Description whole: the title is placed across the top, with the subtitle across the bottom, both in blue. Further text is in blue. All held within a red and blue frame and set against a white background.
image: text only.
text: 124 CARTRIDGES FOR 15s 6d
and your money back with interest
Do YOU know that every 15s 6d War Savings Certificate you buy at the Post Office or through a War Savings Association can purchase 124 Cartridges?
How many Cartridge will you provide for our men at the Front?
For every 15s 6d you lend your Country you will get 1 in 5 years' time; that is, five per cent. compound interest (free of Income Tax), and you will have helped to win the War. You can withdraw your money at any time if you need it.
Poster No.13. The National War Savings Committee, London, S.W.
Printed by McARA and WHITEMAN, Ltd., Peartree St., E.C. (4344) Wt. 12373/220 30,000 6/16 (E 126)
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 7904
Location Creation Site Great Britain
Measurements Dimensions 753 mm x 508 mm
Format Series Notes National War Savings Committee Poster No.13. E 126. This version uses slightly different text to PST 7905. Uses similar text to PST 10335 and PST 10336.
Event WW1 British Home Front
Related Country Great Britain GB
Text Language English
Rights IWM reproduction right
Style Period Period 1914-1918
Work Type poster



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