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Core Record

Title Die Wirkung unserer U-Boote [The Impact of Our Submarines]
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist Unknown
Printer Kunstanstalt Weylandt, Berlin SO16
Concept propaganda, shipping, business / trading / markets, cartography
Description whole: the two images are positioned upper left and lower right. The title is partially integrated with the upper image and positioned in the upper third, in white and red gothic script. The text is separate and positioned centre right, lower left and across the bottom edge, in red and in white. All set against a black background.
image: two maps of the south-east coast of Britain, showing the amount of shipping using the River Thames. There are many more ships marked on the first map than on the second, illustrating a reduction in shipping caused by German submarines.
text: Die Wirkung unserer UBoote
England Schiffahrt einst und jetzt
Die engl. Zeitung 'Daily Telegr.' (10.X.1917) schreibt: 'Wenn wir unsere Ziele in Diesem Kriege verwirklichen, dabei aber mit einer so verminderten Handelsmarine zum Frieden gelangen, wird England das alles verloren haben.'
[The impact of our submarines. England's shipping previously and now. The British newspaper 'Daily Telegraph' (10.10.1917) writes: 'If we achieve our aims in this war but reach peace with such a reduced commercial fleet, England would have lost it all.' Weylandt Art Institute Berlin.]
Object map
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 6621
Location Creation Site Germany
Measurements Dimensions 472 mm x 311 mm
Event WW1 German Home Front
Related Country Germany (pre 1945 and post 1990) DE, Great Britain GB
Text Language German
Rights IWM reproduction right
Style Period Period 1914-1918
Work Type poster



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