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Title 18=43? LíHistoire Parle [18=43? History Speaks]
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist Unknown
Concept historical reference, civilian personnel, propaganda, military personnel, uniform, motor vehicles, civilian suffering
Description whole: the main image is positioned centrally, with two other images used as a background. The title is integrated and placed in the upper half, in orange, white and black. The text is integrated and located in the centre left, in black and orange, and in the lower right, in black and in blue.
image: a stylised depiction of a pair of scales, with the left-hand pan labelled '1918' and the right-hand pan labelled '1943'. The background images are photographs. On the left, a photograph from 1918 showing a chaotic street scene from the end of the First World War, with civilians being loaded onto a truck. On the right, a photograph from 1943 showing soldiers and nurses giving a Nazi salute.
text: 18=43?
LA D…B¬CLE 1918
[18=43? History Speaks. The debacle 1918. Great unity 1943]
Object pair of scales, truck, car
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 3334
Location Creation Site France
Measurements Dimensions 588 mm x 830 mm
Event WW2 Nazi-German Occupied France
Related Country France FR, Germany (pre 1945 and post 1990) DE
Text Language French
Rights French Government
Style Period Period 1939-1945
Work Type poster



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