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Core Record

Title A very odd girl, or, Life at the gabled farm / by Annie E. Armstrong ; illustrated by S. T. Dadd
Item Series Blackie's Juvenile Series
Collection Glasgow School of Art Library
Designer Talwin Morris (1865-1911)
Publisher Glasgow : Blackie & Son
Item Date Not Dated
Description Front cover by Talwin Morris. Olive-green cloth with black ground and frame. To bottom, a frieze of five hearts blocked in white against an orange ground. These are pierced by olive-green verticals, their heads shaped as hearts. Above, a black ground with regularly spaced hearts blocked in olive-green. From centre bottom, a large heart rises, outlined in white, olive-green and black. Gilt serifed letters within, with three small open circles and four hearts. The inner frame of the title panel fringed with blocked white elongated hearts. Above, five 'shuttlecock' flower heads with heart receptacles blocked in black and petals blocked in white, all against an orange ground.
Signed Unsigned
Rights Owner Glasgow School of Art
Rights Status Available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/



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