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Core Record

Title A girl of Galway / by Katharine Tynan ; with eight illustrations by John H. Bacon
Item Series Blackie's Juvenile Series
Collection Glasgow School of Art Library
Designer Talwin Morris (1865-1911)
Publisher Glasgow : Blackie & Son
Item Date 1902
Description Front cover by Talwin Morris. Scarlet cloth with design in white and gilt. A five-stemmed tree rises from the centre, each stem terminating in a blocked gilt roundel. The central stem branches off into three whiplash curves to either side which themselves curve out and up into a second tier of blocked gilt roundels. Two blocked gilt verticals below. Blind dots to base. Sans serif letters, gilt above, white below, interspersed with inverted teardrops.
Signed Unsigned
Rights Owner Glasgow School of Art
Rights Status Available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/



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