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Title The universe, or, The infinitely great and the infinitely little / by F. A. Pouchet ; revised and edited by J. R. Ainsworth Davis
Collection Glasgow School of Art Library
Designer Talwin Morris (1865-1911)
Publisher Glasgow : Blackie & Son
Item Date 1906
Description Front cover by Talwin Morris. Carmine cloth with design in white. A frame, concave to both top and bottom, encloses a tier of five blocked Glasgow Style roses above, distributed 1-3-1. A further tier to bottom, all five now gathered together. From the base to either side rise three-stemmed plants that rise into clusters of five speared leaves. Gilt sans serif letters. Below, three tiers of five butterflies, all blocked in white. Below this, a squashed reniform blocked in gilt, in front of which stand two songbirds, facing inwards towards one another across another reniform, this time blocked in green. Further gilt decoration to the birds' tail feathers.
Signed TM monogram in white to bottom right
Rights Owner Glasgow School of Art
Rights Status Available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/



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