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Title William Ewart Gladstone and his contemporaries : seventy years of social and political progress / by Thomas Archer ; revised and extended by Alfred Thomas Story
Collection Glasgow School of Art Library
Designer Talwin Morris (1865-1911)
Publisher London : Gresham
Item Date 1898
Description Spine by Talwin Morris. Dark-green cloth with moss-green frame with blocked plinth and cornice. Above, a blocked gilt 'pitcher' panel bears sans serif letters picked out in dark green, with a heart to bear the volume number below. Gilt blocked rush-heads to either side, and blocked hearts below. Underneath, a rush rises into several branches, most of which radiate out to the margins, but the central three of which rise into blocked turquoise heads. To its foot, blocked turquoise ellipses sit behind gilt blocked hearts.
Signed Morris's 3-dot cypher in gilt to both cornice and plinth
Rights Owner Glasgow School of Art
Rights Status Available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/



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