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Simple Name badge
Collection West Yorkshire Textile Heritage Project
Association Company / Person General Union of Textile Workers
Production Date 1900 - 1922
Association Date 1900 - 1922
Commentary Metal circular buttonhole badge for the General Union of Textile Workers c.1920. The border is blue with 'General Union of Textile Workers' in white lettering. The central motif shows two joined hands between two heads of wheat and banners reading 'Unity' and 'Strength' on a cream background. The General Union of Textile Workers began life in 1881 as the Huddersfield and District Power Loom Weavers Association as a consequence of a strike at Newsome Mills in Huddersfield. It gradually gained membership and in 1922 merged with a number of other textile unions to form the National Union of Textile Workers. In 1936 another series of mergers formed the National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers. In the early 1980s the affairs of the union were transferred into the Transport and General Workers Union, which is now called Unite. The main reference for this information was "Historical Directory of Trade Unions" by Marsh, Ryan and Smethhurst, Vol. 4 (1994).
Record Number WAKGM : 2013.160
Location Wakefield Museums and Libraries
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