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Marianne de Trey, Small mug, stoneware...

Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Potter Marianne de Trey
Date Completion 1960-80
Description Small mug, stoneware

This example of 'Pattern 1' in standardware is made as a tot for a punch set, comprising a large bowl, ladle and 12 small mugs
Decoration Matt, three-colour decoration around outside: black at bottom, white at top (and interior), with a biscuit-coloured central overlap
Part Of Series Pattern 1 in standardware
Id Number Current Accession 2004.18
Inscription Impressed seal on base, near handle
Location Creation Site Shinners Bridge Potter, Dartington, Devon, UK
Subject ceramics, mug
Measurements 5.5 x 5.9 centimetres
Curatorial Authority Marianne de Trey
Relation Document For 2004.181 (ladle)
Style Period Period 1960s



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