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Title Landscape with Mountains in the Distance
Collection Victoria and Albert Museum
Artist Circle of Ricci, Marco (Italian painter, 16761730)
Date Earliest about 1700
Date Latest about 1730

This work closely resembles Ricci's landscapes of the 1720s in both composition and execution and its diminutive peasant figures particularly recall those which populate Ricci's pastoral landscapes. The warm colouring, meandering path, distant blue mountains and river in the foreground are all characteristic of Ricci's work in the first decades of the eighteenth century. While the quality of this work is very high, it lacks the delicacy and attention to detail that Ricci lavished on his landscapes, suggesting that it was painted by an artist working close to the Master.

Ricci was an Italian painter, printmaker and stage designer. A nephew of the painter Sebastiano Ricci, he probably began his career in Venice as his uncle's pupil and later spent four years in Split, Dalmatia, where he was apprenticed to a landscape painter. His works consist of a variety of pastoral scenes, Mediterranean ports, thickly wooded countryside with travellers, and winter scenes. He also made larger ruin pieces and capriccios that blend the realistic with the fantastical. Both Ricci's etched and painted landscapes were seminal to the development of the genre in eighteenth-century Venice.

Current Accession Number 1447-1882
Subject landscape; animal (ass)
Measurements 96.5 x 116.8 cm
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Given by Miss Margaret Coutts Trotter 1882.
Publications Kauffmann, C.M., Catalogue of Foreign Paintings, I. Before 1800, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1973, p. 159, cat. no. 194.
Notes Formerly attributed to Andrea Locatelli (1893) and to an unknown North Italian artist of the same period, this work is closer in composition and execution to the works of Marco Ricci.
Rights Owner © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Author Jennifer Sliwka



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