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Title Bust of a Man with a Goatee and Wearing a Hat
Collection Victoria and Albert Museum
Artist Manner of Brouwer, Adriaen (Flemish painter, born 1605 or 1606, died 1638)
Previously attributed to manner of Ostade, Adriaen van (Dutch draftsman and painter, 1610-1685)
Date Earliest about 1800
Date Latest 1869
Description A man with a goatee and reddened nose, a hat pulled down low over his face. Adriaen Brouwer was a Flemish painter active in the northern Netherlands. A pupil of Frans Hals in Haarlem, Brouwer was recorded as an independent master in Antwerp in 1631–2. His contributions to peasant genre painting include thematic innovations such as low-class interior settings, coarse facial expressions and the representation of strong emotions. This work appears to be nineteenth-century imitation of Brouwer's work from the 1650s when he began painting peasants and burghers relishing small pleasures such as excessive drinking and gambling. The man's face has the typical ‘beak-nosed' shape and pointed chin of Brouwer's figures and recalls his studies of different facial expressions such as the oval Man with Bread and Sausage in the Liechtenstein Collection, Vaduz.
Current Accession Number DYCE.44
Subject figure
Measurements 16.5 x 14.6 cm
Material oil on panel (hardwood {oak})
Acquisition Details Bequeathed by Rev. Alexander Dyce, 1869
Publications South Kensington Museum. Dyce collection : a catalogue of the paintings, miniatures, drawings, engravings, rings, and miscellaneous objects bequeathed by the Reverend Alexander Dyce, London, 1874, p. 5; Kauffmann, C.M., Catalogue of Foreign Paintings, I. Before 1800, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1973, p. 209, cat. no. 261.

This work was acquired as 'in the Dutch manner' and described as 'imitating Adriaen van Ostade' by Kauffmann in 1973. It appears however to have much more in common with the physiognomies and figural studies by van Ostade's contemporary Adriaen Brouwer. For Brouwer see Knuttel, G., Adriaen Brouwer. The Master and his Work, The Hague, 1962.

For the Reverend Alexander Dyce see:South Kensington Museum Art Handbooks. The Dyce and Forster Collections. With Engravings and Facsimiles, London, 1880; Redgrave, Samuel, A Catalogue of the Paintings, Miniatures, Drawings... Bequeathed by The Reverend Alexander Dyce, London, 1874, a 'Note' on page v comments, 'This catalogue refers to the Art portion of the Collection bequeathed to the South Kensington Museum by the Reverend Alexander Dyce, the well-known Shakespearian scholar, who died May 15, 1869'. Samuel Redgrave notes of the 'Oil Paintings', 'The strength of Mr. Dyce's valuable bequest to Department of Science and Art does not lie in [this] portion ... which is in its nature of a very miscellaneous character. The collection was made apparently as objects offered themselves, and without any special design.' Dyce's main interest was in literary subjects, and this is reflected in many of the paintings he bequeathed to the V&A.

Rights Owner © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Author Jennifer Sliwka



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