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Constance Howard ?, tonal stitch sample

Core Record

Object Name tonal stitch sample
Maker Constance Howard ?
Date late 1970s or 1980s
Brief Physical Description Small sample exploring possibilities of stitch used as tone. Fine black threads have been used spatially to build blocks of tone.
Object Description Information A small scrap sample or illustration of black stitches used to build tone in the same way that pen or pencil can be used in a drawing or illustration. An odd scrap of cream coloured wool fabric has been used as a ground and blocks of stitched marks have been work randomly in one area. The marks range from thin open lines to a slightly larger block of dark to light tone achieved by thinning down the thread from one side to the other.
Accession Number 4953
Subject embroidery, education, sample, embroidery, test piece, experimental textile, embroidery sample, textile tone, british
Measurements 210mm x 260mm
Number Of Items 1
Materials Used (aat) cotton, wool
Materials Used (CH) Cretan stitch, straight stitch
Content And Subject Information Students taking the Embroidery course at Goldsmiths College under Constance Howard during the 1960s were encouraged to experiment with textile techniques at all times. Students begun by learning the basic traditional method of work and then applied their imagination. Constance Howard and other members of staff at the time would ask to use student samples for the books that they were writing. It is possible that this sample is illustrated in one of Constance Howard's books.

This little sample looks like another of Constance Howard's own test samplers for a more formal sampler. Here she is either exploring a method to be used in an illustration or this is another teaching aid worked in a classroom situation.
Production Information Scrap sample, possibly produced in Constance Howard's own studio to explore ideas for stitch book illustrations.
Rights Goldsmiths, University of London. Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles
Style Period modern style, sampler
Techniques Used (aat) embroidering



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