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Canterbury UK, Canterbury CCC iN-FL-8r batting gloves

Core Record

Title Canterbury CCC iN-FL-8r batting gloves
Collection Museum of Design in Plastics: Arts University Bournemouth
Designer Teardrop Technologies
Manufactured For Canterbury UK
Date 2008
Description A pair of 2000s, Canterbury CCC in-FL-8r batting gloves, also known as the Bloater cricket glove, with air injection to increase the protection provided by the gloves. The exterior is made, as is traditional, of leather. The interior includes an outer rigid acrylic layer to reduce the impact of the ball's velocity, a Poron polyurethane foam to absorb the ball's impact and a high-frequency welded polyurethane bladder with pump that can be inflated to suit each individual wearer and provide, thus, additional protection combined with a snug fit whatever the size and shape of the wearer's hand. For a sample of the bladder see AIBDC: 005889.1. The wrist is fastened with Velcro.
Accession Number AIBDC : 005889.1
Dimensions height 300mm, width 115mm, depth 40mm
Materials plastic, acrylic (outer rigid area), PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate, Poron - trade name (a layer within the knuckle area of the glove), polyurethane foam, cellular urethane, polyurethane (bladder), PU, unidentified (pump), Velcro - trade name (wrist fastenings), leather (exterior)
Notes Everyday objects, such as those in this collection, are sometimes difficult to research. If you have any information about this object please contact the museum on modip@aub.ac.uk.
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Method calendered (outer rigid area and bladder), injection moulded (layer within the knuckle area of the glove), welded (high-frequency welding to create the air pockets in the bladder), machine stitched (exterior)
Object Type gloves



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