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Mover Sportswear SA, Mover merino soft shell vest

Core Record

Title Mover merino soft shell vest
Collection Museum of Design in Plastics: Arts University Bournemouth
Manufactured For Mover Sportswear SA
Date 2008
Description A 2000s, women's, sleeveless zipped Mover merino soft shell vest with two zip pockets and five storage compartments made from a laminate consisting of a LycraŽ exterior, a Diaplex membrane and a merino wool lining. Diaplex is an advanced form of polyurethane made by Diaplex co. Ltd. It is non-porous when cool but at a pre-ordained temperature becomes porous. It continually responds to temperature fluctuations assuring optimum comfort in any environment. For related fabric samples see AIBDC: 005871.2 &3.
Accession Number AIBDC : 005871.1
Dimensions height 540mm, width 401mm
Materials plastic, PA (72% of the exterior fabric), polyamide, Nylon - trade name, elastane (28% of the exterior fabric), Lycra - trade name (exterior), PU (membrane), polyurethane, Diaplex - trade name (membrane), wool (lining of merino wool)
Notes Everyday objects, such as those in this collection, are sometimes difficult to research. If you have any information about this object please contact the museum on modip@aub.ac.uk.
Rights MoDiP has done its utmost to obtain clearance from all IPR holders before adding images to this catalogue, if you believe that any image has been used without permission please contact us on modip@aub.ac.uk.
Method extruded (fibre), woven (exterior and lining), laminated (exterior and lining to the diaplex membrane), machine stitched (seams)
Object Type vest



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