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Cosalt plc, CSR Hood

Core Record

Title CSR Hood
Collection Museum of Design in Plastics: Arts University Bournemouth
Manufacturer Cosalt plc
Date 2009
Description A Neoprene hood designed to be worn with a wetsuit whilst surfing. This 2000s hood is wind resistant, has glued and blind-stitched seams and has an insulating Titanium lining. Neoprene is the trade name for a synthetic rubber developed by DuPont scientists in 1930. The main polymer component is polychloroprene. The polymer structure can be modified to achieve a wide range of physical properties making it suitable for a variety of applications. When formed into sheets, it is highly suited to use in wetsuits and surf wear. It is highly flexible, has good insulating properties, is lightweight, has good resistance to damage caused by flexing and twisting and is resistant to degradation from the sun. Neoprene is commonly lined with Lycra, Spandex or Nylon for added strength and when wool or titanium fibre is incorporated, thermal properties are enhanced.
Accession Number AIBDC : 005851
Dimensions height 290mm, width 125mm, depth 190mm
Materials plastic, Neoprene - trade name, polychloroprene, metal, titanium
Notes Everyday objects, such as those in this collection, are sometimes difficult to research. If you have any information about this object please contact the museum on modip@aub.ac.uk.
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Method machine stitched
Object Type headgear



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