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Tupperware Corporation, Tupperware

Core Record

Title Tupperware
Collection Museum of Design in Plastics: Arts University Bournemouth
Manufacturer Tupperware Corporation
Date circa 1950-1969
Description A set of 5 Tupperware beakers (without lids) dating from the 1950s or 1960s. This set comprises one each of blue, pink, white, green and yellow and are made of injection moulded polyethylene. Injection moulding allows the creation of any imaginable form provided, if hollow, its opening is wider than its body diameter. Thus it can produce a hollow simple form as in the case of these beakers or more intricate solid forms, such as jewellery or disposable cutlery. Raw molten plastic is injected into a mould. The mould is usually made of metal thus tooling costs are high but the products are produced rapidly allowing low unit costs if produced in sufficient numbers.
Accession Number AIBDC : 002880
Dimensions height 165mm, diameter 75mm at widest point, tapers towards base
Materials plastic, PE, polyethylene, polythene
Notes Everyday objects, such as those in this collection, are sometimes difficult to research. If you have any information about this object please contact the museum on modip@aub.ac.uk.
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Method injection moulded
Object Type beaker



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