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Advertise by Gift Company, torch

Core Record

Title torch
Collection Museum of Design in Plastics: Arts University Bournemouth
Manufacturer Advertise by Gift Company
Date 1997
Description A translucent, green, cylindrical torch which tapers at the end to give an elongated bullet shape. This torch from the 1990s is in its original packaging.
Accession Number AIBDC : 001065
Dimensions length 182mm, diameter 28mm
Materials plastic, PP, polypropylene
Notes Everyday objects, such as those in this collection, are sometimes difficult to research. If you have any information about this object please contact the museum on modip@aub.ac.uk.
Rights MoDiP has done its utmost to obtain clearance from all IPR holders before adding images to this catalogue, if you believe that any image has been used without permission please contact us on modip@aub.ac.uk.
Method injection moulded



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