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funerary stela of Py

Core Record

Title funerary stela of Py
Collection Artworld: Oriental Museum
Date 1292 - 1190 BCE
Description Triangular funerary stela with flat apex.
At the top of the stela is a single-winged sun-disk with two ankh-symbols below. Below are three columns of inscription on left hand side and three columns on the right hand side.
Below the inscription is a depiction of Anubis seated on a block throne on a pedestal, on the left hand side of the stela. Anubis is seated before an offering table, laden with bread, vegetables and flowers and holds an ankh-symbol in his right hand and a was-sceptre in his left.
On the right stands Py with hands raised in adoration, wearing an elaborately pleated long linen gown and elaborately plaited wig.
Description Source Birch, S. 1880. Catalogue of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities at Alnwick Castle, London: R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor, p. 295-296
Cultural Context Egyptian
Id Number Former Accession N1958
Inscription Egyptian, hieroglyphic, incised on front
Location Creation Site Misr
Location Current Repository The Oriental Museum
Subject architecture, architectural element, stela, funerary
Measurements 56.2 x 56 cm
Context Dated to late 18th-early 19th dynasty.
Rights Oriental Museum, University of Durham, Durham, 2002. All Rights reserved
Rights Owner OM
Style Period New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty
Work Type stela



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