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Collection Crafts Study Centre
Potter Bernard Leach
Description Sketch of a pot, including "mould for lid", black ink on paper.
Id Number Current Accession LA.1354
Subject Leach Archive, sketch
Material ink on paper
Ink black
History Alyn Giles Jones, catalogued drawings numbering 1024 throught to 1357 together. These 334 items are described as follows:

The drawings of Leach: shapes; flowers and plants; perspective sketches; copies of museum, etc. pieces; buildings; animals; etc.; ranges of useful wares, sized and priced; one or two furniture designs. The pots drawn include vases, teapots, tableware, utensils, etc. Many are initialled by Bernard Leach. Some are merely jottings; some are elaborately drawn and shaded; there are two copies of Cardew pieces and one of Hamada. An important group is that depicting standard ware in the early 1930's; of these some are by Bernard Leach, and the rest by David Leach and others (unsigned and unattributed). Another group is of photocopies of Bernard Leach drawings, etc. Dates visible are: 1912, 1929, 1930, 1939, 1969, and, from the quality of Bernard Leach's later script, about 1974-75.
Literary Source Catalogue of the Papers and Books of Bernard Leach, Volume II by Alyn Giles Jones, Crafts Study Centre, 1984-85
Rights Owner David Leach/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Technique sketching



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