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Collection Crafts Study Centre
Potter Bernard Leach
Description Sketches for a plate with the design of a house and mountains, in pencil and blue coloured pencil, on lined paper.
Id Number Current Accession LA.1072
Subject Leach Archive, sketch
Measurements 49.5 x 44.3 centimetres
Material pencil on lined paper
Other Materials coloured pencil
History Alyn Giles Jones, catalogued drawings numbering 1024 throught to 1357 together. These 334 items are described as follows:

The drawings of Leach: shapes; flowers and plants; perspective sketches; copies of museum, etc. pieces; buildings; animals; etc.; ranges of useful wares, sized and priced; one or two furniture designs. The pots drawn include vases, teapots, tableware, utensils, etc. Many are initialled by Bernard Leach. Some are merely jottings; some are elaborately drawn and shaded; there are two copies of Cardew pieces and one of Hamada. An important group is that depicting standard ware in the early 1930's; of these some are by Bernard Leach, and the rest by David Leach and others (unsigned and unattributed). Another group is of photocopies of Bernard Leach drawings, etc. Dates visible are: 1912, 1929, 1930, 1939, 1969, and, from the quality of Bernard Leach's later script, about 1974-75.
Literary Source Catalogue of the Papers and Books of Bernard Leach, Volume II by Alyn Giles Jones, Crafts Study Centre, 1984-85
Rights Owner David Leach/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Technique sketching



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