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Core Record

Title Easter hymn
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Calligrapher Sue Hufton
Description Three sheets fine handmade paper inside a green folded paper cover. Green lettering in capital letters on each sheet, with title in white capitals on cover.
Id Number Current Accession C.97.1
Subject calligraphy, loose sheet
Measurements 28.6 x 10 centimetres
Material gouache on handmade paper
History Heather Child commissioned this, leaving Sue Hufton to choose what she did, although she asked HC's approval for the words she had chosen.

"I wanted/intended to make a sort of manuscript book, i.e. bind the pages together, but it just wouldn't work with this fine paper. I tried and tried and failed and in the end I let the pages be and enclosed them together in the green envelope which was by far the best thing to do. Heather was delighted with it and said she knew just what she could do with it - so definitely. I was intrigued but never knew what that was. It was completed in Seprember 1990 or thereabouts, in time for selection for the Fine Words, Fine Books exhibition which was in the summer of 1991 I believe."

"I chose 'Easter Hymn' simply because I liked the words and had been trying to make a piece - but very, very differently from this - for several years with the words. This piece for Heather worked to my satisfaction." Sue Hufton.
Notes Cover measurements: H 31.2 x W 17.3 cms
Rights Owner Sue Hufton/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1990s
Technique hand-lettering



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