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Title Winchester formal writing sheets
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Calligrapher Edward Johnston
Description Broadside teaching sheet with text beginning 'Sinite parvulos' on handmade paper, written in black ink in the foundational hand.
Id Number Current Accession C.86.67
Inscription Signed and dated, 6 August, 1916
Subject calligraphy, broadside, broadside teaching sheet
Measurements 28.6 x 22.4 centimetres
Hand foundational
Material ink on handmade paper
Ink black
History Edward Johnston wrote a number of 'Examples of Handwriting (in manuscripft) for the use of children and others', advertised at the back of 'A Carol and Other Rhymes' (1916) in a list of 'Books printed by (Douglas Pepler) at Ditchling'. Priced 'from 1s per sheet', the 'Winchester Formal Writing Sheets' take the form of a single sheet of hand-made paper, printed in red at the St Dominic's Press, with short text by Johnston, set in Casalon type, and an engraving of the letters abcxl cut by Eric Gill after Johnston's design. On each completed copy Johnston wrote, in black ink, one of three texts, beginning 'Sinite parvulos', 'Et haec scribimus' and 'gaudere autem'.

The engraving (Physick 71) was made on or after 26 July 1916, when Johnston was writing onto the woodblock. The first sheets may have been printed by 31 July, when Johnston went to Pepler 'for Paper'. The earliest sheet in the collection is dated dated 6 August 1916. It appears from the numbering of certain sheets in private collections - '29.x.'16.13', 'c.xxi.15.ii.1917', '18 Oct. 1917.II.3' - that on occasion Johnston may have written a vast number of duplicates. Typicaly, the sheet written on 22 February 1918, now at the Crafts Study Centre, was one of several written then, on the 21st, and 23rd:

21 In p.m. wrote 4 gaudere sheets
22 Writing sheets
23 3 2/- MS sheets; 1 5/- sheet

Of the two sheets dated 26 August 1919, one was rejected by Johnston on 27 August by daylight, and kept by him as a 'pattern':

26 Mr Tull called. Wrote 2 sheets 5/- and 2/-
27 Mr. Tull - gave him = 1/2 copies ; 2/- and 1 ; 5/- (owes me, if sells, 4/6 + 3/9 = 8/3). Rejected
last night's 2/- copy and wrote 2 x 2/-
Rights Owner Andrew and Angela Johnston/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1910s
Technique hand-lettering



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