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Core Record

Title 26 days and 25 nights of summer
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Calligrapher Irene Sutton (Wellington)
Description Page 66 of a diary containing 77 written pages. The main passages are in formal black hand-writing, with side notes and headings in formal red italic.
Id Number Current Accession C.84.29.66
Location Creation Site Edinburgh, Scotland
Subject calligraphy, page, diary
Measurements 30 x 24.5 centimetres - binding size, closed
Hand formal, formal italic
Material ink on paper
Other Materials red paint
Ink black
History The diary is of a holiday which Irene and her husband took from 29 June to July 1934, from their home in Edinburgh to the south of England. Irene made notes whilst away, and then wrote out the diary while her husband was away for three weeks, as a surprise for him on his return (see letter from Irene Wellington to Hubert Wellington 23/1/43).

It has often been said that it is a diary of the Suttons' honeymoon, but this is not so, as they were married in September 1930, the journey begins in Edinburgh, where Irene did not live until her after her marriage and the diary refers to 'Petworth, where we stopped on honeymoon'. It is probable however, that the diary was inspired by her honeymoon.

The diary was an experiment with line spacing and column widths in an informal italic hand. Marginal notes are in a smaller, more formal italic. The book was bound by Irene and 'polished up' by the British Council (Muriel Rose).

In a letter to Hubert Wellington, Irene said it took her about three weeks to do the chart, four weeks to write the whole book and four days to do the binding: a total of 53 days at 2 = 106. But she thought that it was probably worth only 50 or 60, as it was in an informal hand. Two pound per day was presumably the rate she thought a calligrapher should be earning at that time.
Rights Owner The Irene Wellington Trust/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1930s
Technique hand-lettering



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