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Core Record

Title Calligraphic headed letter to Dora and Eve MacInnes
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Calligrapher Edward Johnston
Description Calligraphic headed letter to Dora and Eve MacInnes, brown ink on paper.
Id Number Current Accession C.77.27
Subject calligraphy, calligraphic letter, writing
Measurements 27 x 22.4 centimetres
Material ink on paper
Ink brown
History Presented by Irene Wellington, and apparently acquired by her at The Petersfield Bookshop.

Trials for the heading appear on C.86.117.ii, C.86.117.vii, and C.86.117.ix-xi. Other trials are now in the Irene Wellington collection at Minnesota. In a postscript, written at the top of the letter Johnston comments:

'This I.S., the pick of about 20 trials, shows how difficult a letter S really is. You will see how it is stiff in the back, th'o that's partly my fault (as is all of the awkward join near D). The ink failed for want of the penful such letters require.'
Rights Owner Andrew and Angela Johnston/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1940s
Technique hand-lettering



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