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Core Record

Title Peach I
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Textile Printer Phyllis Barron
Description Page 66 of 'Phyllis Barron 1890-1964 Dorothy Larcher 1884-1952 A record of their block-printed textiles', volume one, compiled by Robin Tanner.
Part Of Series Barron and Larcher sample book volume one
Id Number Current Accession 2001.1.66
Location Creation Site London, UK
Subject printed textiles, sample, textile sample
Measurements 64 x 52 centimetres
Material velvet on card
Other Materials cotton, organdie
Dye iron
History Designed and cut by Phyllis Barron at Haverstock Hill in 1921, and named after Harry Peach founder of dryad handicrafts. There were 3 blocks.
Rights Owner Crafts Study Centre/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period 1920s
Technique hand-blockprinting
Process Block cut in wood.



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