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Core Record

Title Alice
Collection Crafts Study Centre
Textile Printer Barron and Larcher
Description Two textile samples on page 142 of Barron and Larcher's sample book, volume two.
Part Of Series Barron and Larcher sample book volume two
Id Number Current Accession 2001.1.142
Subject printed textiles, sample, textile sample
Measurements 64 x 52 centimetres
Material linen on card
Other Materials cotton
History No specific dates have been given with reference to the printing of textiles except in certain cases. In many instances the exact date the block was cut is unknown and then some blocks were used for many years.
Lengths by Phyllis Barron: 1920-40.
Lengths by Dorothy Larcher: 1923-40.
Rights Owner Crafts Study Centre/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Style Period Period circa 1920s-40s
Technique hand-blockprinting



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