The King's Audience, Karen Knorr

The King's Audience (Fables, Château Chambord, 2007)
© Karen Knorr
Courtesy of UCA Research Online

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When to deliver advocacy?

A timeline of activities can be built into the advocacy plan, which can obviously be amended for the following year in the light of what is learnt from feedback.

Advocacy can and should take place on a continual basis throughout the academic year.

Good timing:

Less good timing:

* This could depend on the researcher and whether or not copyright and IPR issues have already been addressed or not. It is much harder to try and sort out IPR issues retrospectively.


It is key to build up a good relationship with the Research Office as they will know the progress for each project and also when new projects are starting. The staff concerned in the project can then be contacted at the start in order to record and document their findings, evolving methods and research. This in turn could lead to the depositing of material becoming more embedded in the research process. A whole picture of the project is then built up and held within the institutional repository.

Be aware of the timings of relevant meetings which involve research or opportunities to promote the institutional repository to senior management.