Untitled (Signature, 1995)  Christy Johnson

Untitled (Signature, 1995)
Christy Johnson
Courtesy of UCA Research Online

Kultivate project

Building on the highly successful Kultur project, Kultivate will share and support the application of best practice in the development of institutional repositories that are appropriate to the specific needs and behaviours of creative and visual arts researchers.

The project has arisen out of user-needs discussed at meetings of the Kultur II group which consists of representatives from a number of institutions and other organisations. This community will continue to be open to new members, and to share and embed expertise about arts research deposit across the arts, repositories, and JISC communities.

The Kultivate project is funded by the JISC Information Environment programme until the 23rd December 2011 and is based at the Visual Arts Data Service, a research centre at the University for the Creative Arts.

Kultivate Project Team

(all project staff are based at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham campus)

Kultivate Advisory Group

The Kultivate Advisory Group consists of members from the Kultur II Group as well as the following co-opted members: