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Search Tips

Here are some tips for better search results.

Searching for works by a particular artist

The best way to search for works by a particular person is to use the Advanced Search.

Enter the artist's name in the search box, then select 'Artist/Creator' from the drop down menu, and then click 'search'.

This search will find only the works by that particular artist.

Search by Artist

The Simple Search will find any works that have a connection to the artist, regardless of whether they were created by that artist or not.

For example: An advanced search for Bernard Leach will return only the works by Bernard Leach himself and no other items. A simple search for Bernard Leach will find items by craftmakers who were influenced by Bernard Leach, as well as items from Bernard Leach's personal collection of Japanese and English pottery, as well as items by Bernard Leach himself.

Searching by accession number

Most of the items on the VADS website have an accession number which has been assigned to the object by the museum or archive where it is housed.

The best way to find an object by accession number is to use the Advanced Search

Enter the accession number in the search box in double quotes (e.g. "2002.4"), and then select 'ID Number' from the drop down menu, and then click 'search'.

Search by Accession Number

If the accession number isn't entered in quotes, the system will treat any non-text characters (such as full stops and slashes) as a space and you may retrieve additional, unexpected search results.



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