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Advanced Search

You can access the Advanced Search from the More Search Options link on every page.

You can use the Advanced Search to conduct more specific searches.

Boolean searching

It is possible to combine search terms using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT from the drop down menus.

Advanced Search

Use and to combine two search terms. e.g. hat and gloves
Will only return those records that include both hat and gloves.

Use or to combine two search terms. e.g. hat or gloves
Will return those records that include hat (not gloves), gloves (not hat), and those that include both terms together.

Use not to search for records which do not contain a specified term. e.g. hat not gloves
Will only return those records that include hat and exclude gloves.

Search specific fields

Advanced Search

You can search specific fields within the VADS database by selecting them from the drop down menus, including:

Artist/Creator: The name of a person who is the creator of the work e.g. Claude Monet

Title: The title (or alternative title) of the work e.g. View of Ventimiglia

Date: Date or period associated with the creation, design, production, presentation, performance, construction etc. of the work.

Description: A free-text note about the work including comments, description, or interpretation.

ID Number: The accession number or other id number associated with the work.

Location: The creation site, current location or other geographic location associated with the work.

Subject: Terms or phrases that describe, identify, or interpret the work and what it depicts or expresses. These may include generic terms that describe the work and the elements that it comprises, terms that identify particular people, geographic places, narrative and iconographic themes, or terms that refer to broader concepts or interpretations.

Material: The substance of which a work is composed.

Technique: The production or manufacturing process, techniques, and methods incorporated in the fabrication or alteration of the work.

Search specific collections

Narrow by collection

The Advanced Search allows you to search individual collections or any combination of collections within the VADS database.

Select 'narrow by collection' and a list of the VADS image collections will appear below. Select 'uncheck all', and then click on the tick boxes next to the collections that you would like to search.



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