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Architectural & building supplies
Cox Triad aluminium roof edge trim has been designed to provide effective waterproofing despite differential movements between a flat roof structure and vertical walls. The trim consists of three basic parts: aluminium brackets which are 50 and 100mm wide, an aluminium face plate 3m long and 75mm deep, and a flexible neoprene flange 150mm wide. All are supplied for standard 3m lengths of trim which weigh 41kg and have a push-fit assembly.
Made by William J Cox Ltd, London Road, Tring, Herts, telephone Tring 4222, price 6 per 3m.

Thaxted is a decorative deterrent paving designed to demarcate areas where pedestrians or vehicles should not go. The stones are made of precast concrete with a granite sett appearance. They are 600mm sq, 65mm thick and weigh 44kg; so they are light enough to be handled by one man.
Made by Mono Concrete Ltd. Wettern House, 56 Dingwell Road, Croydon CR9 2NY, telephone 01-686 4311.

PBI Coolglass is a glass shader that can be supplied to large areas of glass. It is supplied as a concentrated liquid which is mixed with cold water and can be painted or sprayed on to the surface of the glass. Once dry it is claimed to be waterproof and can be removed using a duster wrapped around a brush.
Made by Pan Britannica Industries Ltd. Britannica House, Waltham Cross, Herts, telephone Waltham Cross 23691, price from 1.68 per quart, which will cover 2500sq ft.

The Gardex shower base in high impact polystyrene is available in two sizes, 27 1/2in square x 9 in deep and 31 1/4in square x 9 in deep. They have a rigid foam filled interior, an anti-slip finish and integral soap dishes in two corners. The bases are lightweight, can take recessed or concealed piping, and can fit close to a wall so that tiling meets the top and provides a flush, watertight finish. They are available in seven colours.
Made by Gardex Ltd. Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 2RX, telephone Woodley (Manchester) 5269, price 14.85 and 17.35 plus VAT respectively.

The new DX200 and DX200T duct fans are for use in bathrooms and wcs without external walls. They are both single speed pressure developing fans with anti-draught devices. They are housed in white plastic cases with orange impellers. The DX200 is supplied without a timer, though there is provision for a timer to be added; the DX200T has a timer that provides ventilation in a room for 20 minutes after it has been vacated. Made by GEC-Xpelair Ltd, PO Box 220, Deykin Avenue, Witton, Birmingham B6 7JH, telephone Birmingham East 1984, price 11.04, and 17.83 respectively; timer 6.79.

The TR/F and the OFR/130 are two new oil-filled heated towel rails. The TR/F is a long, floorstanding 500W radiator finished in white stove enamel with a polyurethane housing for the thermostat. It has BEAB approval for a five year guarantee. The OFR/130 is a wall mounted 130W radiator with a chrome finish. Both have squared-off rails to prevent towels and garments falling off.
Made by Hurseal (Sales) Ltd, Paner Mill Road, Cardiff CF1 8UH, telephone Cardiff 561317, price 24.95 and 22.73 respectively.

The Hand-Dry, the latest addition to the Wallgate range of hygiene units, is a self-contained hot air hand dryer in a white, stove-enamelled metal housing. Occupying less than one square foot of wall space, the dryer has a black heat 3kW element run off either battery or mains, which operates for 45 seconds at the touch of a button. A pre-set bi-metal thermostat ensures that the temperature does not rise above 70C.
Made by C A Wallgate & Co Ltd, Crow Lane, Wilton Salisbury, telephone Wilton 3506, price 32 plus VAT.

Several new items have been added to the Dryad 70 range of door furniture and related items designed by Robert Welch. They include lever handles, pull handles, plate latches and locks, a safety ash tray, a tumbler and toothbrush holder, and a towel ring. All are in satin anodised extruded aluminium and the pull handles are available with Kalcolor amber aluminium grips.
Made by Dryad Metal Works Ltd. 40-42 Sanvey Gate Leicester LE1 4BF, telephone Leicester 27457.

Contract & office furniture
The Spectrum Shell Seating System provides a choice of shells and bases. The shells, moulded in polystyrene and upholstered in expanded vinyl, brushed nylon or Meraklon, include a high shell with built-in lumbar support and contoured back and arms; a standard height shell in a similar style; a medium height shell with flared arms; a fully contoured shell with a cut-away back and flared arms; a scoop-shaped shell and one for general purposes. These can be used with a choice of six bases, five and four star arrangements, four legged arrangements, swivels, height adjustors, tilt mechanisms glides or castors.
Made by Roneo Vickers Ltd Roneo House, Lansdowne Road,Croydon CR9 2HA telephone 01-686 4333, price from 21 to 69 plus VAT.

The Pythagoras range of office furniture has tables and matching storage units in laminated beech with grey linoleum for the table tops and grey stained solid beech frames. The range has three desk/table top sizes, an extension top, a two or three drawer pedestal unit, wardrobe, low storage cupboard, bookcase, mobile trolley, double elephant plan chest, A0 antiquarian plan chest and an upholstered chair with or uithout arms. All the storage units can be adapted to take either shelves or filing and screens are available for open plan offices. Made by Ryman Ltd, 200 Tottenham Court Road, London Wl, telephone 01-636 3788.

The Evesham Group is a range of three lounge chairs two desk/dining chairs, two low occasional tables and a desk/dining table. It is made in beech and 11 other wood finishes, including two shades of mahogany, two shades of walnut and teak as well as red, blue, green, white or black. The chairs are available with high and low backs with or without arms. They have ladderbacks and the cushions are supported on rubber diaphragm bases. The desk/dining chairs have fixed seats and plywood backs and the tables have light grey melamine tops. Upholstery includes plain and patterned woven fabrics and a choice of expanded vinyls in various colours. Made by Parker-Knoll Furniture Ltd, The Courtyard, Frogmoore, High Wycombe, Bucks telephone High Wycombe 21144.

Domestic furniture
Meander is a range of seating units designed for flats and houses which have insufficient room for a conventional three-piece suite. There are three sections - an inside or an outside corner and a straight - each made in high density expanded polystyrene covered in hessian and fireproofed cushioning. The covers are in tweeds, pvc draylons or leather. The sections can be arranged in continuous runs of various shapes and are held in position by a rubber limpet strip on their base.
Made by Mines and West Ltd, Downley, High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 5TX telephone High Wycombe 34411, price from 41.71 per section.

The Debutante Regent is a range of 12 QA kitchen units. It includes housings for split level ovens and hobs, tall and standard height wall cupboards, drawer packs which can be used individually or incorporated into the sink base, tray plinths, open shelf units and worktops that can be cut to any length and shaped to cope with awkward corners There are also built-in light units. They are all finished both inside and out, in a choice of laminates in willow green, smoke blue, rosewood and white, with grey worktops.
Made by HomePlan, 17 The Avenue, Loughton, Essex, telephone 01-508 0870 price of units from 10 to 53.70.

The Plan-It range of living room wall modules consists of 11 units. There are single and double chests of drawers, a cupboard, cabinet and open display cases, all 50cm deep and 60cm high and either 50 or 100cm wide. They stand on 6in recessed plinths. The units which are made with backs, are finished in white melamine, are QA, using a screwdriver to operate a locking nut-and-screw-system that provides a rigid structure. There is a two-shelf pack for single and double display cases and a record/magazine rack which fits inside any unit. Made by Panelplan Ltd Wilec House, 82-88 City Road, London EC1Y 2BY telephone 01-253 8592 price units from 14.80 to 32.32, packs fron 3.74.

The Lawco Carribox is a fold-flat box in two sizes 17 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 5 1/2in and 19 3/4 x 13 1/2 x 5in, which is made in corrugated polypropylene. It can be packed flat for storage and can then be assembled and used for carrying such things as spare parts and equipment, stationery, specimens, food and horticultural products. The box is resistant to oils solvents and water, and can be wiped clean.
Made by Lawtons of Liverpool, 60 Vauxhall Road Liverpool L69 3AU, telephone Liverpool Maritime 1212, price 10.50 and 11 plus VAT.

Westwood Stationery Ltd are making a combined push-button telephone index and memo pad. The index and pad are contained in a black and white plastic housing which also has a well for a spare pad.
Made by Westwood Stationery Ltd, 11-15 Wenlock Road, London N1 7SU, telephone 01-253 8615, price 3.15.

It is claimed that the Rembrandt range of 23 artist's colours has a high degree of colour intensity and fastness to light, and embodies a special viscosity which enables the colours to interweave. It can be applied on almost any ground, can be used at full strength or diluted, or in combination with other colours such as polymers, acrylics and oils. Sand or extenders can also be used for texturing and modelling.
Marketed by A. Ludwig & Sons, Ltd. 71 Parkway, London NW1 7QJ telephone 01-485 0025 price from 80p per 100cc tin.

The Data Sling has been designed to store various kinds of computer printout, from a single sheet up to 3in of records, programme manuals, unbound reports and punch cards. Available in two standard sizes, 15 5/16 x 11in and 14 1/2 x 11in, the sling is made in heavy gauge vinyl. It has two hangar bars which fit Wilson Jones Mini and Data racks. Made by Wilson Jones Datasystems division of Sandhurst (Stationers) Ltd. Spindle Way, Crawley, Sussex, telephone Crawley 22215.

The Serpent light can be used on a table, on the floor or as a wall-mounted fitting. It has a flexible chrome plated steel tube up to four feet long and a globe-shaped chrome plated reflector. There is a similar fitting called the Saucer which has a shallow reflector and a chrome-capped bulb. The tube enables both fittings to have a high degree of adjustment and, when the fittings are arranged in series, can also be used to create decorative effcets. Made by John Michael (Design Consultants), 18/19 Savile Row, London W1X 2EB telephone 01-734 0831, price from 24.

A plug-in power point introduced last year for caravan sites and marinas has now been developed into a light column. It has a 305mm twin tube miniature fluorescent fitting, with a polycarbonate diffuser, a plug-in switched socket outlet and a service meter. This means that in addition to its original uses, the column is now suitable for servicing such things as mobile libraries and agricultural show vans.
Made by C.M. Churchouse Ltd. Lichfield Road, Brownhills, Walsall WS8 6LA telephone Brownhills 3551.

The R16 and R17 are two cantilevered table light fittings, which both have long, rectangular plastics reflectors. On the R16, this houses a switch and a bayonet socket bulb and is supported on a 13in high steel tube base which enables the fitting to be placed either horizontally or vertically. On the R17, the reflector houses a fluorescent tube, adjusts to a height of 16in and rotates through 360 around a steel tube rod. This is supported by a cruciform plastics base.
Made by Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd. Redditch, Worcestershire telephone Redditch 64261, price 7.20 and 12.80 plus VAT respectively.

The Swedish Elit range of domestic light fittings is now available in Britain. Inca and Topas are pendant fittings which have bodies in steel and aluminium, finished in white, green, yellow and brown acrylate, plus red, silver and gold for Topas only. The Safir pendant fitting has a smoked or white glass bowl diffuser. The Plexus table fitting, which has a similar choice of acrylate colours for its circular base, has a plain glass diffuser.
Marketed by Elit Lighting Ltd. 51 Beauchamp Place, London SW3, telephone 01-589 9220 and available through Debenhams, Boots and Heals, price 9, 17, 24 and 12 respectively.

Components & accessories
Personal paging with a 'talk-back' facility is now available to Telephone Rental subscribers. The system uses a miniature transmitter 130x 54x 16mm which weighs 170g and works in conjunction with a base receiver/aerial and a loudspeaker at a central paging point. The pocket transmitter is powered by two rechargeable nickel cadmium cells and is operated by a simple 'press to speak' button at the side of the case.
Marketed by Telephone Rentals Ltd. 197 Knightsbridge, London SW7 IRL, telephone 01-589 1471.

The Crown CRP 418 is a miniature dictating machine which uses the international standard C60 and C90 compact cassettes. It can be used with other equipment using these cassettes including the Crown CDM 11 and CTM desk dictating and transcribing machines. The CRP 418 has one button to control all main tape functions, including record playback, rewind and fast forward, and another pause button to give the user time to think. Other features include a tape counter, built-in condensor microphone and reproduction control. Accessories include adaptors for use with mains or a car battery, remote control microphone, foot pedal and headset.
Marketed by Kingsley Wansbeck, 32 Hill Street Richmond, Surrey, telephone 01-940 7861, price 46.50 plus VAT.

The Siemens Automat TC 4000 is an appliance that can make more than two pints of tea or coffee within eight minutes. It is operated by pouring water into the heating chamber and then switching on, after which the water is heated and transferred under steam pressure through the coffee or tea into a glass jug. The appliance can also be set to make either weak or strong brews and an element under the jug ensures that they are kept warm while being served.
Made by Siemens Ltd. Great West House, Great West Road, Brentford Middx, telephone 01-568 8281, price 26.80+VAT.

The Coromatic 7000 is the first of a series of new electric typewriters in which the conventional system of feeding ribbons on reels has been replaced by ribbons in a specially designed cartridge. The cartridge, shaped like a gun, is fed into the side of the machine. There are three ribbons: a fabric ribbon for general typing, fed on a continuous loop; a polyethylene ribbon coated with a wax film for quality work, and an erasure ribbon on which letters typed in error can be blanked out. The new system is powered through the typewriter's roll and has resulted in much simpler ribbon transport mechanisms which are claimed to cut typewriter breakdowns by 15 per cent.
Made by SCM (United Kingdom) Ltd. SCM House, North Circular Road, Stonebridge Park London NW10 7SS telephone 01-965 7766 price 189 plus VAT, cartridges from 95p.

Wall & floor coverings
Arborite have revised their range of laminates, introducing some new designs and including older, popular lines. The Colour Magic range has a total of 63 laminates, 18 plain colours, 24 abstract designs, 16 wood grains and five marbled patterns.
Made by Arborite Ltd. Bilton House, 54-58 Uxbridge Road, London W5 2TA, telephone 01-567 0116.

Complex is a new range of contract and domestic carpets which are made in a velvet pile of non-absorbent nylon, with a waterproof and resilient pvc base. The range includes five plain colours and 19 geometric patterns in various colourways including several shades of orange and purple. It can be fixed to conventional floors, bonded to any damproof and rigid sub-floor and cleaned by the usual methods. There is a five year guarantee for contract use.
Made by Flotex Ltd. Codnor Gate Industrial Estate, PO Box 5, Ripley, Derby DE5 3NT, telephone Ripley 44121 price from 3.15 to 3.75 per sq yard.

The London range is a hardwearing 100 per cent nylon pile carpet intended for contract or domestic use and available in 12 colour co-ordinated dual tones designed to harmonise with any background. The range is made in 12 and 6ft widths and has an integral high density foam underlay. An anti-static system is incorporated into the manufacturing process. It can be loose laid or bonded to a sub-floor and carries a seven year guarantee. Made by Barry Staines Flooring Products, Newburgh, Fife and Staines, Middx, telephone Newburgh 421 and and Staines 51351, price 5 per sq yard.

Armourflour 250 is a contract quality, toughened sheet linoleum which resists indentation. It is available in 12 marbled colourways, is 2.5mm thick, 1.83m wide and is supplied in 24.4 to 27.4m rolls.
Made by Nairn Floors Ltd. 640 Fulham Road, London SW6 SRT, telephone 01-736 6408, price from 1.95 to 2.15 per sq yard plus VAT.



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