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Pages: 25


Author: Editorial

Cover, reconstruction of 1943 Utility room, photographed by David Cripps
26 News
28 Comment
30 Projects and developments
32 Things seen
37 New products
42 Book League show. Nicolas Barker reviews British Book Design and Production 1974
50 Spacelab winner, final design for Europe's first manned space vehicle, described by Ted Wilding-White
54 Modelmaking methods, the crucial importance of three dimensional 'drawing board' techniques, discussed by Robert Madge
62 Utility, the strengths and weaknesses of Government-controlled crisis design. Interviews by Alastair Best and Mark Brutton
72 Innovator's economy package, saving graces of a Swedish furniture range, discussed by Michael John
76 Bristol ceramics. Dip show pieces from the Bristol school. Report by Ilse Gray
80 Tractor seating, Phillip Hill discusses Bostrom's automotive award-winning developments
82 Warsaw posters, work from the fifth International Poster Biennale
86 Energy for agriculture David White examines improvements in food-value productivity
90 Interiors
93 Books
94 Letters
Index on final page
Other contributors Richard Carr, Bob Spence, Alastair Best,
Israel Berkovitch, Gae Foran Ringrose

(Caption page 25) While most of us were attacking wasteful consumer production with lots of wasteful talking and writing, two Swedish designers were working out a practical response which came onto the market as the very lucrative Innovator range of furniture. Top, Jan Dranger, bottom, Johan Huldt, Innotator on p72



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