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Title: Design

Pages: 25


Author: Editorial

Corin Hughes Stanton

Editorial advisers
Sir Paul Reilly
The Earl of Snovvdon
Robert Clark
John E Blake

Executive editor
Mark Brutton
Assistant editors
Jacquey Visick
Phililp Hill

Art editor
Peter Baistow
Assistant Art Editor
Paul Carpenter
Art Assistant
Gordon Lawson

Production editor
Janet Pearson
Staff photographer
Timothy Quallington

Business and circulation manager
William Garrett
Advertisement manager
Stanley Enright
Assistant advertisement manager
Michael Longman
Northern advertisement representative
Donald MacLaren
Scottish and north eastern advertisement representative
John Hunter

Overseas correspondents
Australia Peter Hunt
Austria Charlotte Blauensteiner
Belgium Josine des Cressonnieres
Canada Lydia Ferrabee
Denmark Jens Nielsen
Finland Jaakko Lintinen
France Henri Vienot
Greece John Hope
Italy Tudy Sammartini
Norway Alf Boe
Poland Ryszard Bojar
South Africa Norman Segal
Spain Andre Ricard
Switzerland Eugen Gomringer
USA Malcolm J Brookes
Yugoslavia Miroslav Fruht
NewZealand Mary Mountier

Design Council
Editorial/circulation/ advertisements
28 Haymarket, London SW1Y 45U Telephone 01 - 839 8000
and the Design Council Scottish Committee 72 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 STN Telephone 041-221 6121

ISSN 0011-9245

Design may be obtained from booksellers at home and abroad or from the Design Council
Yearly subscription: Britain 5.10, overseas 5.30 or $12.70 post paid



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