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288 December 1972

Cover The Post Office's European stamps designed by Peter Murdoch
18 Comment
21 News
23 Diary
25 Theatrical renaissance in Bristol Josť Manser describes the new
complex built around the city's Theatre Royal
30 Stamps that tell the tale Robert Waterhouse looks at the uses of
stamps as information and propaganda
34 Weaving today Alastair Best at the Woven Structures Exhibition at
Camden Arts Centre
38 The £800 house An unusual housing project described by its architect,
Morrice Shaw
40 Plenderleith goes pop The jewelry of John Plenderleith
42 Design on the motorway Ian Breach sums up the history of
motorway planning and construction in Britain and assesses the
prospects for road communications
50 Ideas in foam David Rowlands describes the winners of the 1972
Dunlopillo Awards
52 Putting ergonomics into standards David Whitfield suggests the
need to integrate ergonomics more closely into British Standards
54 Projects and developments
56 Interiors
58 Things seen
65 New products and materials
66 Books
71 Letters
82 Index of advertisers, manufacturers and designers
Other contributors Richard Carr, Ilse Gray, Paul Sargent Clark, Robert Clark, Selwyn Goldsmith, David Woolley, Cordelia Oliver, Mark Hewish

Motorway design Britain plans to have over 1 000 miles of motorway open by the mid-1970s a reasonably creditable achievement in view of the country's late entry into the field. The stretch of the M5 near Clevedon (shown above) will be part of it. But what of the future of road communication? Is it already, as some suggest, being overtaken by events like the environmentalists' reaction Ian Breach writes on pp 42-49

Theatre rebuilt Bristol's Theatre Royal has been made the centre of a brand-new complex - though its foyer is now an 18th century guild hall. Josť Manser describes the project on pp 25-29

Stamps as information Almost by definition, stamps are seen by everyone, which is why they are so useful for disseminating information and propaganda. Robert Waterhouse reports on pp 30-33



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