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Text: New products and materials

Architectural & Building supplies

Damp course

Nurlene damp courses are made from black, low density polythene 1.30in (0.84mm) thick and in 4-18in (102 457mm) widths. The material, which is suitable for brick, concrete or block walls, does not spread under load, and has a diagonal knurled pattern on both sides to provide a key. It has been approved by the Agrement Board.

Made by Carter Bros (Billingshurst) Ltd. Reliance Works, Billingshurst, Sussex, 040 378 551, price approx 22p per yd.

Green roofing

Mineral Surfaced Roofing is a rag fibre based bitumen surfaced with flat Pend1yn sea yuccas slate flakes that are firmly and permanently bonded to the felt and can be hung on all types of roofs. The mineral flakes overlap to provide a thick, impervious lamination which does not retain water and gives an added protection to the felt against solar heat. The roofing is supplied he 801b/12yd x 1 yd rolls.

Made by D Anderson & Son ltd, Stretford, Manchester M32 OYL, Welwyn Garden City, Herts and 425 Scotland Street, Glasgow s1, 06-1865 4444, 96 20231 and 041-706 2233 respectively.

Non-shrink grout

VMat 41/5 is a low viscosity, non-shrink grout designed to be powered into small acvities, and to bond to steel and concrete with a strength equal to any epoxy resin adhesives. Under test, VMat 41/5 has shown a compressive strength of 17 350psi, a tensile strength of 1900psi, a shear strength of 2605psi, and a bond strength to steel of 1356psi, and other characteristics are: Young's modulus 1.62 x 106 and specific gravity 2.33. The material does not shrink and there is no expansion.

Made by Protective Materials Ltd. Watery Lane, Birmingham 9, 021-772 5441.

Safety barrier

A new, tensioned motorway fencing, based on the principle of an extended steel spring, has been developed by Durafencing Ltd in conjunction with the Road Research Laboratory. The fencing has relatively weak supports which collapse on impact, while the tensioned barrier absorbs most of the blow, and these two features combine to minimise damage to the vehicle and reduce the likelihood of it rebounding into the motorway lanes a cause of many pileups

Made by Durafencing Ltd, 9 Motcomb Street, London SW1, 01-235 8122.

Components and accessories

Non-mains toilets

The JetTlush Minor and Jetflush Cadet are non-mains toilets which flush sterilised water at the touch of a switch. The water is supplied from a separate container which, in the case of the Minor, is sufficient for about 100 applications, and for between 70-80 applications when the Cadet is used. The water then passes into a completely sealed sump which is emptied through a special ejection valve by lifting a handle at the side of the toilet. Both toilets are made from high density polyethylene and high impact polystyrene and are 18in high and 16in wide.

Made by Perdisan Ltd. Lyon Industrial Estate, Hartspring Lane, Watford, Herts, 92 28271, price 52 arid 45 respectively.

Bumper buttons

Three new types of self-sticking bumper buttons are now available: the SJ 5010, a continuous fin thick strip in 50ft rolls of grey or brown: the SJ 5009, a large round button with a depression in the middle in white, grey, beige or black: and the SJ 5112, a small, flat round button 1/2in in diameter in white, grey or black All the buttons are made of a durable elastomeric material.

Made by 3M Co Ltd. 3M House, Wigmore Street, London W1A 1ET, 01-486 5522.

Pocket tape recorder

The Sony TC-40 cassette-corder weighs only 1lb 11 oz (0.7kg) and measures approx 2in x 7in x 4 1/2in (50mm x 1 78mm x 111 mm). Powered by four penlight batteries the TC-40 has a built-in Electrec Condenser microphone and a swing balance mechanism for keeping the tape speed constant even when the recorder itself is in motion. There is also a meter for checking the battery life and recording performance, and an alarm to announce the end of the tape. Controls are designed for use by one hand.

Marketed by Audio Machines Ltd. Kern House, 36-38 Kingsway, London WC2 01-405 0921, price 65.75

Petrol caps

A range of locking petrol caps is now available which covers almost every make and model of car. All the caps are made of zinc-base alloy diecastings, with a high quality chromium plated finish, and the latest caps in the range are for the BMC Mini and 1100/1300 cars and the Fool Escort.

Made by Wilmot Breeden Ltd. Amington Road Birmingham R25 8FW 021-706 3344 price from 1.35 to 1.60 according to make of car

Contract and office turpitude

Storage units

LAIR storage units are white, melamine-surfaced wall cupboards fitted with sliding doors to avoid the need for an opening area. The insides of the cupboards are grooved for slide shelves, drawers, pull-out suspensions for hanging files, lateral shelf filing of card index trays and drawers fated with sloping divisions, and all the inside measurements are based on both British and international paper sizes. The cupboards can also be used as room dividers, with slide doors opening on either side, or fitted flush into a wall recess. Both cupboards and fittings can be assembled on site and are supplied from stock, with continuity of design guaranteed for many years ahead.

Made by Intercraft Designs Ltd. Best Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1, 01-493 1725.

Upholstery fabric

Maxella is a new polyurethane coated woven upholstery fabric in nine colours with a printed and crinkled finish. It resists most stains and is easy to clean, and has a lacquered surface to protect the printing. It is especially suitable for deep buttoned upholstery.

Made by Storey Bros & Co, White Cross Mills Lancaster, 0524 65288.

Stacking chair

The Solo stacking office/conference chair has a seat shell moulded in non-slip abs and a four legged base in 18mm chromium plated tubular steel with plastic feet. It measures 30 1/4in high, 25 1/4in deep and 23 3/4in wide, with a seat height of 17 3/4in. Back and seat cushions of foam covered ply upholstered in woolrayon fabrics can be secured to the shell by T nuts and screws. The chair is available in red, white and green, with the upholstery fabrics in nine complementary colours.

Made by Parker-Knoll Furniture Ad, The Courtyard, Frogmore, High Wycombe, Bucks, 67 0494 2114, price from 16.80 or 23.25 with upholstery.

Domestic equipment

Coordinated towels

Christy colour is a new range of coordinated bathroom accessories which includes bath towels, hand towels, guest towels, face cloths, bathmats, pedestal mats and seat covers in strong or soft colours, and in many different shades. The range includes nine jacquards, four dobbies and four prints, and can he combined with the Duro range of towels, which includes three beach towels, and the Atlanta tufted bathroom coverings.

Made by W M Christy & Sons, 15-19 Cavendish Place, London W1, 01-580 0718.

Colourful cushions

Traditional designs have been enlivened by brighter and more dynamic colours for a range of cushions which includes a design by William Morris and others based on 18th century Indian silk carpets and 18th century wallpapers Each design is printed on cotton satin in several colourways, and some of the designs are also available in yardage for bedcovers and curtaining. The cushions have feather pads and are fitted with nylon zips.

Distributed through the John Lewis Partnership, Oxford Street, London W1A 1EX, ~ 01-629 7711, price from 2.45.

Household tools

Three new kits of household tools have been packaged in a container that has a series of drawer style cases in black and white corrugated board with plastic hand grips at the front, and shaped yellow foam pads inside the drawers to keep the tools in place. The kits, called Perth, Bristol and York, have 13, 18 and 21 tools respectively, and bring the number of tool kits in the manufacturer's range to 11.

Made by Stanley Works (GB) Ltd, Woodside, Sheffield 83 9PD, 0742 78678, price 8.25, 11.95 and 20.50 respectively.

Washing up brush

The LGH 610 washing up brush is moulded in red, yellow or white polypropylene and has a white, nylon tufted brush head which has been designed to get easily into the corners of saucepans and provide a really good cleaning area The handle of the brush fits into the palm of the hand, is long enough to keep the hand out of water, incorporates a dish and pan scraper, and has a slot large enough to enable the brush to be hung on any size of kitchen hook. Made by L G Harris & Co Ltd. Brush Works, Stoke Prior, Worcs, 073 93 31734.price 19p

Domestic furniture

Living room storage

Beaver-Shelvix 2 is a versatile, extensible shelving and cabinet system. All surfaces are teak veneered, with uprights, shelves and cabinet fronts also available lacquered in white melamine. Every upright has an adjustable floor leveller, with a wall leveller which can also be used for fixing an assembly back to the wall. The shelves, which have solid timber ends for strength, are in 2ft, 2ft 6in, 3ft and 3ft 6in lengths, and there are also corner shelves which can be adjusted to fit corners which are not quite right-angled. The cabinets, which are all 2ft 11 1/4in long, include a cupboard, record cabinet, three drawer chest, bureau and drinks cabinet, and there is also a swivel base to support a tv. They have adjustable internal shelving and the wiring for concealed internal lighting, record players, radios etc, can be concealed behind the uprights.

Made by Beaver & Tapley Ltd. Scotts Road, Southall, Middx, 45p 01-574 4311.


Surface fittings

Ellipso is a new range of surface fittings which contains three separate designs and new sculptural shapes to give high level illumination. The shapes are moulded from acrylic, providing excellent flashing for four x 20 watt fluorescent lamps housed within each fitting, and the dimensions are 30in x 24 1/4in (765mm x 625mm) with the depth from the surface mounting varying between 5in and 5 3/4in (125mm and 145mm) according to design.

Made by BBI Lighting, Rerners Street, London W1, 01-629 9040, price 17 56.

Office equipment

Cutting pad

A new and more resilient pad for cutting art work, repro pulls, drawings etc. has been added to the Apex range, which has also been extended by including pads of greater size. Previously limited to green pads 1in thick, the new pad is in beige, is only 1/4in thick, and costs little more than half that of green pads of the same dimensions. It is available in sizes from 36in X 18in down to 12in X 9in, and its smooth surface will last indefinitely and will not chip or splinter, while any deep grooves cut into it can be filled by light buffing. Green pads, with a harder cutting surface, are available in the same range of sizes.

Made by W W Chamberlain & Sons Ltd. Higham Ferrers, Northants, 093-34 3084, price from approx 1.50.

Foldaway file

The Emgee Foldaway File is a completely portable and collapsible filing system which folds flat into a 16 1/2in square. Made from wire and sheet metal, with a chrome finish, it holds 18 standard foolscap suspension files and can be hung from a rail or a wall, cantilevered from a wall, or stood on a table. The user can also take it with him as he moves around the office or home.

Made by Gutteridge Sampson Ltd. 28 Greville Street, London EC1N 8SU, 01 -242 6331, price 2.46 (files extra).

Cleansing pads

Petal Pads is an instant cleanser and freshener that will remove ink, carbon, marker and other stains without the use of water. It will also remove car grease and other outdoor stains. Packed in containers not less than 75 pads each, the pads have been medically tested against the most sensitive skins.

Marketed by Sandhurst (Britannia) Ltd. Spindle Way, Crawley, Sussex, 0293 22215, price from 1.25 per pack.

Instant cuppa

The Quenchie is a low cost, hot beverage dispenser which takes up little more space than an office typewriter and has been specially designed to serve a staff of from 5-20 people. It has an enamelled steel frame, teak ends acid a moulded Formica apron which is available in a range of colours, warning lights to indicate water level and power supply, and a safety switch incorporated into the hinged front.

Made by Frederick Greenwood & Sons Ltd. Belfield, Rochdale, Lanes, 0706 46745, price 98 in coin operated form.

Letter-Press storage

A compact unit is now available for storing Letter-Press dry transfer lettering sheets. The unit, in polished beechwood, has six drawers, each of which takes 30-35 sheets plus backing sheets. Angled faces to the drawers avoid the need for handles, while a hole in the bottom of each drawer makes it easy to raise a corner of the sheet stack. Labels are provided for identification. The unit measures 14 1/2in x 9 1/2in x 6 3/4in and is stackable. An 18 drawer unit is also available.

Made by Rexel Ltd. Gatehouse Road Aylesbury, Bucks, (0296 81421, price approx 4.

Photographic and television supplies

Crush-proof plugs

To overcome the problem of plugs at the end of a cable being trodden on and broken, all the flash head cables for Photon Studio Flash are now being fitted with crush-proof plugs. The prongs of the plugs are completely protected by a heavy duty and damage resistant plastics.

Marketed by Clive Courtney & Co, Horsham Road, Dorking, Surrey, 0306 3720.

Umbrella reflectors

Three new folding umbrella reflectors have been introduced for bouncing and diffusing the light from photographic flash heads. One, 42in wide, is reversible, with a metallic silver surface for brilliant lighting on one side and a white matt surface for complete diffusion on the other. The second is a non-reversible umbrella, also 42in wide, with a matt surface for very soft lighting. The third is translucent The umbrellas cover an 8ft circle at 5ft, a 1Oft circle at 5ft and an 8ft circle at 5ft respectively.

Marketed by Clive Courtney & Co, Horsham Road, Dorking, Surrey, 0306 3720, price 7.50, 5 and 3.75 respectively.

Updated processor

The 1502 Processor, a new version of the ColD Award-winning 1501, incorporates several new features including a deeper tray to hold and precisely control the activator solution, improved resistance to corrosion in the gear box output shaft, a larger fan to lower the motor operation temperature, and a lower temperature setting of the thermal cut-out to give an increased safety margin should the motor stall. The roller assembly has also been more precisely located to the motor assembly, the paper guides are easier to manipulate, and the operation of the Processor's levelling feet has also been improved. The 1502 is 76cm long, 27cm wide and 17cm high, or 37cm high with bottles, and weighs 20.5kg. The maximum paper size taken is 33cm x 40.5cm (13in x 16in).

Marketed by Photo Products Sales llford Ltd. llford, Essex, 01-478 3000 price l.20.

Wall and floor coverings

Bedroom carpets

The Dunsay Collection is a range of cut pile figured Wiltons designed for general domestic and light contract use and contains 12 abstract and geometrical designs, each in two colourways, which are claimed to be particularly suitable for use in hostels and hotel bedrooms etc. The pile fibre is a triple blend of wool, Evlan and nylon, which is hardwearing, mothproof and has a BS rating of colour fastness to light of five or better. The range is supplied in minimum quantities of 25yUs in 27in, 36in and 54in (686mm, 914mm and 1371 mm) widths.

Made by Navan Carpets Ltd. Shepley Industrial Estate, Audenshaw, Manchester and Condor House, 13/14 St Paul's Churchyard, London EC4, 061-336 6413 and 01-248 6351 respectively.

Axminster range

Acropolis is a new range of Axminster carpets with 100 per cent Acrilan pile that is suitable for medium domestic or light contract use. Available in 27in and 36in bodyloom and 9ft and 12ft broadloom widths, the range contains 10 designs, of which Eclipse 3/5001 and 6/500, Midas 4/5005 and Rosette 6/5007 are among the most abstract.

Made by Bond Worth Ltd. Severn Valley Mills, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcs, HIP 029-93 3141, price approx 4.10 per yd in bodyloom and 4.50 per sq yd in broadloom.

Artificial silks

Satin Amboise Python is a silk substitute fabric in 100 per cent acrylic fibre, particularly suitable as a wall covering. It is available in 51 in widths in white only. Toile Titanic Discotheque, also in acrylic, has a jazzy, draught board design in several colourways, including chocolate and grey, two shades of violet, pink and green.

Marketed by Boussac Distribution (UK) Ltd. 299 Oxford Street, London W1, 01-493 9622, price 3.90 and l.23 per yd respectively.

Lay-down colours

New Normacolour contains 127 colours in both draw-on matt and high-presentation gloss, including yellow, magenta and cyan process colours and 15 graduated shades in the three tones of grey. Each colour is available in two sheet sizes 24.5cm x 35cm and 35cm x 49cm - which can be used for multiple overlays. The top-printed surfaces can be scraped to give high-light effects. The sheets are unaffected by dyeline printers, photofloods or sunlight, can be either picked-up and repositioned easily or fixed permanently, and are complemented by the New Normacolour swatch book, containing samples in both matt and gloss in the entire range.

Made by Pexel Ltd. Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, 0296 81421, price 25p and 48p per sheet size respectively.

Non-drip paints

Super Plus is a ready-mixed polyurethane gloss and vinyl-gel emulsion paint in 1 2 shades plus black and white. The Super Plus gloss is nondrip, hard wearing and chip resistant, while the Super Plus emulsion, also non-drip, has a tough, satin sheen finish and, the maker claims, can be used to cover previous decorations with only one coat. Both contain dirt repellents and can be wiped clean.

Made by Carson-Paripan Ltd. 131 Western Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3YQ, 01 -640 3111, price 65p per pint and 90p per quart respectively.

Spongeable wallpapers

Eleven designs have been added to the Coloroll wallpaper range, which now contains 17 designs and 86 colourways. They include three variations on tile patterns, two versions of patterns by William Morris, and two purely geometric papers. There is also a design based on 18th century book end papers and another on Aubrey Beardsley's flower motif. All the wallpapers are linen embossed and spongeable, with their colours sealed by a mart finish varnish.

Made by Coloroll Ltd. 72 Tottenham Court Road, London W1P ODQ, 01-636 0655, price 1.30.



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