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275 November 1971

Cover Atlas Hi Spot display lights photograph by Kokon Chung
22 Comment
25 News
29 BUILDING UP a seven-part section on components, systems, interiors
and completed buildings
Truly flexible housing? Richard Carr on PSSHAK
32 Parts of the sum new systems and components
38 Colour-coded supplies Hilary Gelson on a Department of the
Environment supplies division colour coordination exercise
42 C & A upgraded Josť Manser on the interior of C & A's new
Birmingham extension
44 Adamsez Rondel - the admix as before
46 Atlas track on Hi-Spot
49 Justice seen to be done Robert Waterhouse on Manchester's
magistrates' courts
56 London paper, Barra stone Alastair Best talks to Peggy Angus
60 Company reports: the fiction of fact by Ken Campbell
66 How Apollo will meet Soyuz, Salyut and Skylab by Ted
70 Projects and developments
72 Interiors
74 Things seen
79 New products and materials
82 Books
85 Letters and obituaries
124 Index of advertisers, manufacturers and designers
Other contributors lan Breach, Paul Burau, Michael Kitt, Cordelia
Oliver, E Glyn Price, Sir Paul Reilly, Michael Tree

In this issue

Building up To complement this month's Building Exhibition at Olympia we review a selection of new ideas, concepts, components, systems available to the building design team, and at an outstanding building-the recently completed Manchester magistrates courts designed by Yorke Rosenberg Mardall, above

Apollo meets Soyaz Ted Wilding-White reports on the state of talks between Americans and Russians on design for mutual space docking systems

Company reports Ken Campbell takes a sharp look at the typography of annual reports and accounts what it does or doesn't reveal

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