Title: Twelve nations at Ljubljana

Pages: 50 - 51


Author: Philip Fellows

Text: TweIve nations at at Ljubliana
An international exhibition of industrial design was held recently at the Modern Art Gallery in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. Known as the Bio, it was the second exhibition of the kind, and the Yugoslavs are now making serious attempts to establish it on a regular biennial basis.
The exhibition was sponsored by the Ljubljana City Council and the Federal Economic Chamber, with the object of promoting the development of industrial design in Yugoslavia. All national design organisations had been invited to submit exhibits. In the event, 12 countries were represented, and an international jury awarded gold medals and special mentions for outstanding products; of these, two gold medals went to Italy, two to Yugoslavia and one each to Austria, Norway and Sweden.
The presentation of the exhibition was not elaborate - partly, no doubt, because the exhibiting countries were charged neither for the space nor for the cost of the display. But this simplicity was if anything an advantage, emphasising the serious nature of the exhibition. Goods were arranged in categories rather than by countries and this gave the opportunity for interesting comparisons to be made, although it revealed that national characteristics in design are becoming more and more difficuIt to find.
Unfortunately, Britain did not take part in the exhibition, although the high standard of design revealed in the exhibits suggested that it would have been an advantage to be there. It is hoped, however, that it will be possible for this country to be represented on future occasions.
A selection of the exhibits is illustrated here.
Philip Fellows Italy Algol II portable television receiver, a gold medal winner. Designer Marco Zanuso. Maker Brion-Vega SAS. Sweden Set of decanter and glasses, a gold medal winner. Designer Mona Morales-Schildt. Maker Kosta Glasbruk AB.
Yugoslavia Telephone handset, awarded a special mention. Designer Davorin Savnik. MakerZ. P. Iskra.
Japan 8 mm zoom cine camera. Designer Industrial Design Kak Ltd. Maker Minolta Camera Co Ltd.
Austria Viennette Super 8 cine camera, a gold medal winner. Designer Acton Bjorn. Maker Eumig.
Richard Stevens design policy co-ordinator in 20 company divisions



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