Title: Manufacturers in this issue

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Text: Manufacturers in this issue
AC Cars Ltd. Thames Ditton, Surrey 24
G. & S. Aligood Ltd. 297 Euston Road, London NW1 38
Arnex Products Ltd. London Road, Daventry, Northants 56
Artifort, Watemans en van Tuinen NV, Volksplein No 1, Maastricht, Holland 57
Atlas Lighting Ltd. Thorn House, upper St Martin's Lane, London WC2 38
BEA, Bealine House and Douglas House, Ruislip, Middlesex 42
BP Co Ltd. Britannic House, Finsbury Circus, London EC2 42
Bremshey Gmbh, Solingen-Ohligs, West Germany 56
British Aluminium Co Ltd. Norfolk House, St James's Square, London SW1 36
The British Oxygen Co Ltd. Angel Road, London N18 38
Broderna Sjoberg, Stockanyd, Sweden 56
BTR Industries Ltd. Herga House, Vincent Square, London SW1 42
Caps Equipment Ltd. 7 Westmoreland Road, London NW9 38
Chrysler International SA,68 Knightsbridge, London SW1 42
Constable & Co Ltd,10 Orange Street, London WC2 63
Creed & Co Ltd. Hollingbury, Brighton, Sussex 38
Finlay Ltd,23 Great Castle Street, London W1 55
Hard Aluminium Surfaces Ltd,38 Mair Street, Glasgow SW1 38
Harveys of Bristol Ltd. Harvey House, 12 Denmark Street, Bristol 1 42
Heal & Son Ltd,196 Tottenham Court Road, London W1 54
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. St Paul's House, Warwick Lane, London EC4 63
ICI Plastics Division, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts 59
llford Ltd. llford, Essex 41
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Time and Life Building, New Bond Street, London W1 42
W. J. Meecham & Associates Ltd. 15 Kinnard Avenue, Bromley, Kent 56
Metalimport Ltd. 42/43 Bedford Row, London WC1 60
Owen Owen Ltd. Liverpool 42
Parnall & Sons Ltd. Lodge Causeway, Fishponds, Bristol 38
W. R. Prior & Co Ltd. London Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 38
Race Furniture Ltd. Sentinel Works, New Road, Sheerness, Kent 24, 60
Reynolds Tube Co Ltd. Hay Hall Works, Tyseley, Birmingham 11 38
James Riley & Partners Ltd,116 Gloucester Place, London W1 55
Rosenthal China (London) Ltd,1 Marylebone High Street, London W1 56, 59
Rotaflex Ltd. Rotaflex House,241 City Road, London EC1 28
Somtex, 4005 Buderich, Nr Dusseldorf, PO Box 143, West Germany 54
Tamesa,6 Bourne Street, London W1 57
Tarmac Ltd. Ettingshall, Wolverhampton 41
Vickers Ltd. Haxby Road, York 38
Wace & Co Ltd,3 Eyre Street, London EC1 63
Watney Mann Ltd. Watney House, Palace Street, London SW1 42
W. Watson & Sons Ltd,25 West End Lane, garnet, Hertfordshire 38
Designers in this issue
Pat Albeck DesRCA, MSIA 55
Hans Theo Baumann 59
Beams & Kaye 59
Alan Bednall 38
Gerald Benney DesRCA 52
Roger Brockbank 38
Dugald Cameron LSIA 38
William J. Campbell 38
Eric Clements DesRCA, MSIA 52
Compagnie de l'Esthetique Industrielle 50
Terence Conran FSIA 52
Alan Davie 60
Design Research Unit 43
Peter Dickinson MSIA 60
Peter Doodson 52
lan Ferguson Dip Arch ARIBA 55
K. Foster 38
G. R. Godfrey CEng, AMIMechE, AMBIM 38
Milner Gray RDI, FSIA, AGI 47
Janet Griffths 52
Adrian Harwood 52
F. H. K. Henrion MBE, RDI, PAGI, PPSIA 42, 45
Robert Heritage RDI, DesRCA, FSIA 52, 31
Hewatt, Walters & Swift 33
Knud Holscher MAA 38
Jack Holt 57
E. C. Howard 38
H. Howells 38
Paul James MSIA 38
Pamela Kay DesRCA, LSIA 55
Christopher Kenningley 52
B. A. Kirkbridge BA 58
Kho Laing Le 57
R. J. Langstone 38
Lippincott & Margulies 42
Noel London FRSA, FSIA 38
David Mellor RDI, DesRCA, FSIA 52
D. H. Midgley 38
Alan Mycroft LSIA 63
Margaret Neve 60
Derek Phillips & Associates 31
Nigel Quiney 61
A. A. Reynolds 38
Martin R. P. Seib BSc 38
Leslie Smith 38
Leslie J. Street 38
Tandy, Halford & Mills 47
Alan Tye DipArch, ARIBA 38
Advertisers in this issue
Aluminium Wire & Cable Co Ltd cover iii
G. H. Bloore Ltd cover ii
British Aluminium Co Ltd 12-13
Howard Clayton-Wright Ltd 68
J. Cinnamon Ltd 14
Copper Development Association 4-5
DEP Ltd 81
Derby & District College of Art 82
Designers & Art Directors Association cover IV
Dexion Ltd 62
Esavian Ltd 22
Glostal Ltd 76-77
S. Greenman Ltd 83
Guy-Raymond Engineering Co Ltd 78
Heal Fabrics Ltd 15
Hille of London Ltd 75
Leicester College of Art 82
London Borough of Ealing Technical College 82
London Transport Board 80
Lorival Ltd 10
Lucas of London Ltd 8-9
Marler Haley (Barnet) Ltd 66
Merchant Adventurers Ltd 1
Herman Miller AG 20
James Neill & Co (Sheffeld) Ltd 83
North-Western Polytechnic 82
Offce Machinery Ltd 64
Pirelli Ltd 2
Production Facilities Ltd 83
Jens Risom Design (London) Ltd 78
Shell Chemicals UK Ltd 7
Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd 16
Storey Bros & Co Ltd 11
Twyfords Ltd 17
United Glass Ltd 18-19
Versatile Fittings (WHS) Ltd 81
Walkers (Showcards) Ltd 80
Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd 12
Westnofa (London) Ltd 3
Winsor & Newton Ltd 6
Woodcraft Displays Ltd 80 DESIGN is published for the Council of Industrial Design, The Design Centre 28 Haymarket, London SW1 (Scottish Committee: 46 West George Street, Glasgow C2) b`, Her Majesty's Stationery Office. K136 SO Code No.88-126666-6* and twice yearly index, copies as required. Printed in England by Balding + Mansell Ltd, London and Wisbech.
Design and Art Direction '66
Open on June 8
D&AD '66 is at Reed House, Piccadilly for a month from June 8. This fourth exhibition of the Designers and Art Directors Association shows the best advertising, television, print and editorial design produced in Britain last year. See it. And take it away with you in the shape of a D&AD Annual. In 200 pages this book illustrates and annotates every item in the show. Copies are available from Read House, bookshops or direct from Studio Vista at Blue Star House, Highgate Hill, N.19. Softback costs 25/-, clothbound 45/-, plus postage 3/6d.



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