Title: Picking the winners

Pages: 27


Author: Dennis Cheetham

Text: The following designs were commended (plaque each): research microscope, designed by Noel London for Vickers Ltd. 6; typist's chair designed by Leslie J. Street for Parnall and Sons Ltd. 7; developer for card-mounted microfilms, designed by Martin R. P. Seib for Caps Equipment Ltd. 8; teleprinter, designed by David Mellor for Creed and Co Ltd. 9; biological microscope, designed by Alan Bednall for W. R. Prior and Co Ltd. 10; hospital bedhead lighting fitting, designed by Roger Brockbank for At/as Lighting Ltd. 11; portable breathing apparatus, designed by E. C. Howard, H. Howells and A. B. Kirkhride for W. Watson and Sons Ltd. 12,' a latchset, designed by William J. Campbell and Dugald Cameron for Hard Aluminium Surfaces Ltd. 13; and a heat exchanger for the vaporisation of liquefied gases, designed by K. Foster and D. H. Midgley for the British Oxygen Co, 14
The four scholarship winners photographed shortly after the announcement of the awards. Left to right: Peter Doodson, Adrian Harwood, Christopher Kenningley and Janet Griffiths.
Part of Peter Doodson's research project for an astronomical telescope.
Peter Doodson's project presentation box, which he designed specially, is intended to take two rows of his A4 size project sheets, which are contained in specially designed plastics protective covers.



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