Title: A new body to study communication

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Author: Editorial

Text: A new body to study communication
A possibly far-reaching result of the recent Vision 65 design conference, New Challenges for Human Communication, was the founding of The International Center for the Communication Arts and Sciences. Some of America's most distinguished graphic designers and progressive advertising agents are among its sponsors. No headquarters are yet named but, the conference itself was held at Southern Illinois University.
Perhaps it was the most intense three-dayand-night design affair there has ever been. Speakers came from 16 countries, and most of them are active in graphic design for printing, film-making and television: they included Masaru Katzumie(Japan), Eugenic Carmi and Franco Grignani (Italy), Josef Muller-Brockmann (Switzerland), Wim Crouwel (Holland) and Thorold Dickinson, Aubrey Singer and Herbert Spencer (Britain). Although much original work was illustrated and described from the specialist-designer's viewpoint, a recurrent theme - concern for the welfare of the individual - linked all the papers.
In this, the designers were supported by the conference's other speakers who were chiefly interested in the organisation of design thinking. Major contributions from this group were received from Buckminster Fuller (USA), who began and ended the conference, and from Marshall McLuhan (Canada). What they all said would fill a book (and will), so snippets must suffice: "Beyond the consumer goods, the consumer's good," was the slogan adopted by Bruce MacKenzie (USA); "We should change the emphasis from the quantity of our goods to the quality of our lives," said W. H. Ferry (USA); and "We are underdeveloped people in over-developed societies," was the proposition put forward by Michael Parr (Britain).
A body such as The International Center, which is now setting out to question the accepted mainsprings of design (as it is used to communicate between peoples), is surely to be welcomed. Will Burtin and his American colleagues have taken the initiative: they now need international support.



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