Title: Design

Pages: 15


Author: Editorial

Text: Design
Council of Industrial Design 205 January 1966
Editor John E. Blake
Editorial Advisers Paul Reilly J. Noel White The Earl of Snowdon Robert Clark Michael Tree
Executive Editor Dennis Cheetham
Assistant Editor Richard Carr
News Editor Susan Forsyth
Art Editor Brian Grimbly
Assistant Art Editor Caroline Rawlence
Production Robert Child
Staff Photographer Timothy Quallington
Business Manager Arthur Sudbery
Circulation Manager Fergus Watson
Overseas correspondents Australia Peter Hunt. Austria Charlotte Blauensteiner. Belgium Josine des Cressonieres. Canada Lydia Ferrabee. Denmark Jens Nielsen. Finland Olof Gummerus. France Henri Vienot. Germany Heinrich Konig. Holland Anton P. Brulgom. Italy Tudy Sammartini and Laura Neagle. New Zealand Roger Lascelles. Poland Ryszard Bojar. South Africa Norman Segal. Spain Andre Ricard. Sweden Eva Ralf. Switzerland Eugen Gomringer. USA Malcolm J. Brookes. Yugoslavia Miroslav Fruht.
17 Comment Plains and pyramids
18 Point of view
20 International review
A survey of products from 15 countries, with reports from DESIGN's overseas correspondents and other contributors, complied and edited by Richard Carr
22 France
24 Belgium
26 Canada
28 Italy
30 Spain
32 West Germany
34 Denmark
36 Netherlands
33 Yugoslavia
40 Poland
44 United States
46 Norway
48 Switzerland
50 Czechoslovakia
52 Japan Books
56 Obituaries
57 Letters
59 Diary and News
Addresses of British manufacturers in this issue are on page 76
on page 76
Editorial Circulation Advertisements Council of Industrial Design, The Design Centre, 28 Haymarket, London SW1 Tel: TRAfalgar 8000 and the Council of Industrial Design Scottish Committee, Scottish Design Centre, 46 West George Street, Glasgow C2 Tel: DOUglas 3914
Design may be obtained from booksellers at home and abroad or from the Col D. Yearly subscription: Britain 46s, overseas 58s or $8.25, post paid



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