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One man went to mow. ..
The Flexa Mark 2 hand-mower, top and right, has an unusual reaping action. For it can cut all types of grass; wet, coarse, tangled, or newly-sown and even up to 12 inches high. Designed and manufactured by Wilkinson Sword, the mower has been accepted for Design Index. Features include rubber tyres on the traction wheels, tempered steel blades which are flexible and keep the cutting edges in contact along the whole length and are self sharpening, and a large capacity, black moulded plastics grass box, attached by a small chain to the handle. The handle is of tubular steel sprung on to lugs at one end and with a shaped beechwood grip at the other. Wheels, grass deflector and side plates are finished in grey. The mower costs 16 5s for the 12 inch model, 17 for the 14 inch.
Line and shade
Shirley Craven has designed three fabrics for Hull Traders' Time Presen. printed fabrics, giving an effect of coloured chalk drawings, with drawn outlines and contrasting hatching. Five, below is printed on natural or white linen union, Simple Solar, far right with a clover leaf motif, on bellona cotton satin, and November, centre the palest of the three, are printed on cotton. All three come in four colourways. Shirley Craven, is a director of Hull Traders and is largely responsible for the firm's high reputation in the field of printed fabrics. Although this year five of the eight new designs are by her (the others are by Natalie Gibson, Richard Allen and Doreen Dyall), she encourages and commissions many artists and designers and last year included no designs of her own in the collection.
Jerusalem and Jericho
Mary Oliver, whose new company, Mary Oliver Textiles, is a subsidiary of Donald Brothers of Dundee, has based her first collection of printed fabrics on a recent long stay in the middle east. The designs are printed on Donald Brothers cloth and also on glazed and unglazed cotton. Shown here are Jerusalem, below, and Jericho, left. Miss Oliver, a freelance designer with ten years teaching experience, was organising tutor in the Textile School of the RCA.
Glass showroom in Fulham Road
The new London showrooms of the Sander Mirror Co, in the Fulham Road, London, were designed by Baron Albrizzi in conjunction with Garnett Cloughley Blakemore Associates. As well as the display of the company's mirror and glass, there is an exhibition, left, of Albrizzi Designs' perspex furniture. The range includes tables, chairs, office units, cubes and light fittings.
Truck crane from Sunderland
This Coles diesel-electric Zealous truck crane is the latest in a range designed and manufactured by the British Crane and Excavator Corporation, Sunderland, who this year won a record third gold medal at the Leipzig Fair. The Zealous has a lifting capacity of 55 tons and can handle main jibs up to a maximum of 170 ft, plus fly jibs upto30ft-a total of 200 ft combined jib length. It can travel with its full basic jib length, without the need of hinging back to prevent
excess overhanging. Because of its position, the low-slung, forward mounted 'Road-cruiser' cab is full width and roomy with upholstered seating for driver and three passengers, an unusual feature in this kind of truck. The engine is located behind the cab and, by carrying the crane jib and tackle above the cab roof, there is maximum visibility on all three sides. Safety devices include fully automatic electro-mechanical brakes on hoist, derrick and slow motions, automatic self-resetting limit switches and an automatic safe-load indicator. Hydraulically operated telescopic outriggers handle heavy loads.
Standard furniture for ships
Smith's Dock Co has just completed the second of two cargo vessels for Manchester Liners which incorporate a new range of built-in cabin furniture by Design Research Unit for standard use in all ships built by the firm. DRU was commissioned after a preliminary survey had concluded that a rationalisation of both design and methods of manufacture was necessary to produce furniture more economically in the shipyard joiners' shop and minimise work in the ship. The result is a range of attractive, well-designed fittings, which have already saved the company 20 per cent on the first ship, the Manchester Port, and a further 20 per cent on the second ship, the Manchester Progress.
By careful replanning of some spaces, establishing overall dimensions and combining the
functions of certain units, DRU cut down the 22 items originally required to 14. It also reduced the basic number of units and standardised components as far as possible. Furniture detailing is therefore identical for all crew members, with differences only in size and finish.
Although units are standard, prospective owners have a wide choice of finishes. Manchester Liners used solid agba throughout, agba or cherry veneer, with Arborite for top surfaces, drawer fronts, etc. The offcer's bunk, with three drawers underneath, top, and the chart chest, above left, were photographed in the joiners' strop. Above right is part of an of ficer's cabin and, left,the captain's bedroom.
The success of this venture by Smith's Dock is largely due to director and production manager George Mearns, who worked closely with DRU designers James A. Williams and John Cochrane.
British aircraft seating
Congratulations to Aircraft Furnishings, whose aircraft seating is being installed - after stringent and lengthy tests on Swiss air's new twin jet Douglas DC9s, left. This firm, which regularly supplies British and foreign airlines with seating for airliners, had designed an economy class seat for the BOAC VCIO (also against stiff competition) with an initial order for 4,000. It was so successful that BOAC now uses it as one of its main selling points and is installing it on its Boeing 707s. Other airlines have also adopted the seat, but before the company won the contract for the DC9, Swissair had investigated 10 different designs; it then chose three, including Aircraft Furnishings', and installed them in one of its Caravelles. Over a two-month period,
passengers were asked to complete a short questionnaire for subsequent analysis. On the basis of this analysis and a previous study by Swissair on seat design, the British seat was considered the most satisfactory, for reasons of better finish, easier maintenance and economy. Basically, the BOAC and Swissair versions of the triple seat are the same. The main differences are the weight - the Swissair seat is 6 lb lighter - and the use of fabric for all trimming. Other Swissair requirements include the ashtray located in the seat back instead of the armrest, and the simple swivel fastener for the folding table. The seat frame is stove enamelled matt black, the side panels are of Royalite and the armrests covered in black pvc. The recline mechanism is hydraulic, the control being in the armrest, and the folding table is surfaced in a black plastics laminate. Below this is a pleated fabric pocket for literature.
Laboratory planning on a grid
Turner & Brown Ltd has brought out a range of laboratory furniture from which interchangeable units can be chosen to meet any requirements. The Plan 70 system, designed by John Musgrove, an architect with extensive experience in laboratory planning, is based on a 4 ft length bench unit. The chemically-resistant finishes include a choice of timber framework facings and colours on cupboards and drawers. All units are designed for installation with Turner & Brown Turbrofume cabinets.
Automatic typesetter
The IBM MT (magnetic tape) 72 composer is a high speed automatic typesetting machine designed to raise printing industry productivity at relatively low capital cost. Copy is first typed on a recorder, during which all machine functions are recorded in code on magnetic tape. This is then put into a tape reading unit and the operator gives instructions through its control panel, far left. At the touch of a key, a modified 72 composer automatically composes camera-ready copy to format instructions at speeds of up to 14 characters per second. The exterior of the units was designed by Eliot Noyes.
Knockdown storage boxes
CubeStore,designed by Donald Maxwell, is a cheap, versatile knockdown system which packs flat and comes with easy assembly instructions. Grooved panels slotted into neat aluminium corner sections (detail left) form the basic 1 ft for 15 inch) cubes, which build onto one another. Front panels come in five BS colours and white, alternatives include divider inserts and wine rack.
Contract range from Finland
These chairs are part of the Kiki range of contract chairs and tables now being marketed in this country by Race Furniture Contracts. They were designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara for Metalliteos, Helsinki, and won a gold medal (Tapiovaara's third) at the last Triennale in Milan. The frames are of oval steel tubing in polished chrome finish, with upholstery of polyether foam on moulded laminated plywood, and there is a choice of black or grey vinyl. The
chairs stack or link in rows, and the range includes arm chairs and stools. Side chairs in three widths ranging from 183 inches to 23 3/4 inches, and two low tables and two cafeteria tables which can be linked between chairs, with tops of timber veneer or white or black plastics. There is also a removable writing palette arm and a kneeler attachment. Lambeth Borough Council has recently installed the chairs in the spectator gallery of Streatham swimming baths.



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