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'Yesterdays', Artemio Alisio, 1994

The University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art (UECLAA) is the only public collection in Europe dedicated exclusively to modern and contemporary art from Latin America.

The collection was founded in 1993 when Charles Cosac, then an MA student in the Department of Art History and Theory, donated Siron Franco's dramatic painting 'Memória' to the University. The Collection has since grown to more than 600 works through the generosity of many other donors, artists, supporters and friends, and the holdings now represent some of the best modern and contemporary artists.

Selections of work from UECLAA are displayed permanently in the grounds of the University's Wivenhoe Park and in the University's Albert Sloman Library, whose Latin American holdings are among the best in Europe.

The collection is also complemented by the UECLAA Archive, a collection of special materials including catalogues, artists' correspondence and printed ephemera. The UECLAA Archive contains material on every artist within the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art, as well as many other artists from the region. The Archive is located within the Department of Art History and Theory and currently available to external researchers by appointment only.

The UECLAA Online Project

In 2002, the University received a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to deliver the collection online as a fully searchable catalogue accessible to internet users worldwide. UECLAA Online contains images of each artwork, texts on every artist, unique artists' statements, and the UECLAApedia - a glossary devised to illuminate themes and terms arising from the study of Latin American Art.

'It is Not Good For Man to Be Alone', Juan Carlos Diotti, 1991 'Idol with Doll', Nadín Ospina, 2000 From the series 'Squares and Rectangles', José Pedro Costigliolo, 1970 'Green', Eulises Niebla, 1993

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The images and information presented in this database are the copyright of the University of Essex, University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art. UECLAA Online is intended for education and pleasure. Without further permission, you may access, download and print images and texts on a temporary basis for study purposes or personal domestic use. However, if you wish to use this material in any other way than those specified above, you must seek separate permission. Please contact UECLAA at or write to Gabriela Salgado at the address below.

Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and gain permission for use of images and texts within this collection. We would be grateful for any information concerning omissions or oversights. If any material in UECLAA Online does contravene copyright, we will withdraw it immediately, if appropriate.

'Transnational Anthem 2', Jaime Gili, 1999
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