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Print: British zoology or Tower curiosities, C Williams

The John Johnson Collection is a collection of printed ephemera, formed by John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956). There are in excess of 1million items and c.700 subject headings. The Collection documents Advertising; Art; Authors; Booktrade; Entertainment; Political, Religious, Social and Economic History; Printing; Private Presses; Transport and Travel. Further sections are kept by form: Bill Headings, Bookmarkers, Trade Cards, Valentines, etc. The Collection is retrospective and spans the years 1508 to 1939, with some ephemera of the 1940s and 1950s and a separate collection of post-1960 additions. The Collection is strongest in 19th and early 20th century ephemera, with significant holdings in the 18th century.

The original collection was assembled by John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956) who was inspired by his work as a papyrologist in Egypt to rescue Britain's immediate paper heritage. Johnson subsequently worked at the Oxford University Press, becoming Printer to the University from 1925 to 1946. The Collection was transferred to the Bodleian Library from OUP in 1968; since that time both old and modern ephemera have been added to it.

Political and Satirical Prints

In digitising the Political and Satirical prints in the John Johnson Collection, the opportunity was taken to scan not only the main sequence of prints (Political Cartoons 1-6) but also prints in other sections of the Collection. The sequence is as follows:

You can, if you wish, browse these sections sequentially by shelfmark (in fact, by filename, which preserves the original order, usually chronological*) of the material. The above is the default order if you select ONLY John Johnson Collection: Political & Satirical prints. In the search box, you should type "all".

* The Political Cartoons sequence is chronological in boxes 1-4. Boxes 5 and 6 contain a chronological sequence of the prints of "HB" (John Doyle, 1797-1868).

For further catalogue records for items in the John Johnson Collection, and more digital images, see:

Print: The balance of power, John Doyle
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