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The University of Brighton Design Archives comprise eighteen collections that enhance understanding of the designed environment, the design profession and design practice. Their focus is British design in the twentieth century and there is much of international significance, particularly in the areas of graphic and communication design. The collection group originated with the acquisition of the Design Council Archive in 1994.

The Design Archives, located at the Faculty of Arts in central Brighton, form a research base with a curatorial team that supports the works of scholars and students from many academic disciplines locally, nationally and internationally. The curators initiate and promote collaborative activity through a programme of publication, exhibition and seminar projects that contribute substantially to the research profile of the Faculty.

Collection information is being added to the Archives Hub, a portal providing access to descriptions of archives held at British Universities:

In addition to the main body of images from the Design Council, the Design Archives have been involved in two projects, Designing Britain (2001) and Look-Here! (2011), which included the digitisation of a unique file relating to the planning of the 1951 Festival of Britain.

Copyright and Permitted Uses

The images and metadata presented in the Design Council Archive are copyright of the Design Council and the Design Archives, University of Brighton. They may be used for private research and study purposes only. Enquiries regarding reproduction should be sent to the address below.

Address: Design Archives
Faculty of Arts
University of Brighton
Grand Parade
Brighton BN2 0JY
Tel: 01273 643217

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