Forthcoming 2012 conference on plagiarism

The dates for the 5th international plagiarism conference have been announced this week. The conference is organised by, and will take place at the Sage Gateshead live music venue from 16-18 July 2012.

Sage at Gateshead
Photo of Sage Gateshead by Glen Bowman on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons License.

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Starting out

Welcome to the Spot the Difference project blog.

We’ll be posting updates on the project’s progress and findings on this blog over the next 12 months, and you can also find out more about the project research and its aims on our about page.

In June we had our first project meeting with Dr John Collomosse from the CVSSP at University of Surrey and Leigh Garrett and myself from VADS to begin planning the project, and have completed the JISC project documentation and have been working on a consortium agreement based on the JISC template with the help of our university legal advisors.

Meanwhile, I’ve also drafted a survey on visual plagiarism which will be circulated to staff across the arts education sector, and have begun to set up interviews with staff from four arts institutions (AUCB, UAL, UCA, and UCF) to explore the subject in more detail.

Research has also begun on the literature surrounding visual plagiarism, and a list of relevant articles, papers, and websites has been compiled on our links page.

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