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UCA Research Student Conference: Concept & Context in Practice

On Wednesday 16th March, Anne Spalding and I attended the University for the Creative Arts Research Student Conference in Farnham. This was a chance to do some advocacy for UCA Research Online, and an opportunity to gather information and make contacts for the Kultivate project as well. Some of the themes that I will be exploring in more depth:

Research as narrative
Jane Wildgoose, ‘Artist, Writer, Designer, and Keeper of The Wildgoose Memorial Library’, gave the keynote presentation titled Research & Materialisation. This was a fascinating journey covering how the narrative of research had been woven throughout her career and materialised; focusing on three of Jane’s projects: designing the costumes for Hellraiser; the project On One Lost Hair; and Promiscuous Assemblage, Friendship, & The Order of Things, a site-specific installation commissioned by the Yale Center for British Art. Jane talked about the way her work and life are interwoven together; and highlighted how sparks conceived in one project had then led into other projects; she also talked about the ‘materialisation’ of research in the form of outputs such as costume designs.

Documenting research
The presentations suggested three questions:

1.) How do you document research when the form of documentation is itself part of the work? i.e. the method of documentation/recording can be vitally significant in itself in the meanings it can convey and present

2.) How do you record and document performance art?
I am looking forward to Stephen Gray’s Kultivate case study (abstract available here) about documenting performance art; and was interested at the UCA event to find out that one practitioner had set up video cameras to simultaneously record her performance as well as the reaction of the audience. She presented this to us as one film with a split screen and described it as a documentation of her performance.

3.) How do you present visually explicit or adult content in an institutional repository? As I am not a repository manager I am not sure how this is handled and maybe this is an issue with all research in terms of related issues of copyright and confidentiality i.e. levels of access based on keeping some material unpublished but preserved in the repository, or controlling access in some way? Does this then conflict with what the artist can choose to present on their own websites?

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