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Extending and sustaining the Kultivate project

We are grateful to Balviar Notay, JISC Programme Manager Information Environment, for her support and guidance during the Kultivate project. Further to a meeting held at Brettenham House in London on Monday 4th July, and as announced at the Kultivate conference on 15th July, we can now confirm that an extension to the project has been agreed and Kultivate will continue until the end of December 2011. The primary purpose of the extension is to enable the Project Team to complete the planned technical enhancements to EPrints.

The Team will be working with EPrints Services, University of Southampton to bring the higher education arts community two important new enhancements to the EPrints repository platform, a visually enhanced version of IRStats and a project container module, using the EPrints Bazaar (recently released as a Beta version to the community).

The extension will also allow the Project Team to offer the higher education community two further workshops. The event on 30 September 2011 will focus on the sustainability of repositories and related infrastructure; and the workshop on 12 December 2011 on the use and impact of linked data across the repository community. Both workshops will take place at HEFCE, Centre Point, London. The Project Team also plan further dissemination activities and these will be announced in due course.


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